Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

Alright…. what the fuck is up with thisI saw a commercial this morning for a local pet supply chain, advertising a very similar product.  It is supposed to be for when your pet is too “tired” to continue it’s walk, or for older animals or animals with disabilities.  As the advertisement in the link above clearly states….

Most pet owners would agree that pets should have fresh air on a daily basis.  For some pets, age or illness may prevent them from getting around on their own.

Okay?!?  I really do not know who would purchase such an item and be seen carting their animal around in it.  Yes, I would have to agree that animals do need fresh air everyday, but do they really need a doggy stroller?  If they are disabled or are older they can still get fresh air without having to overexert themselves.  Yet…. there are still people out there in the world who are probably ecstatic about the nifty little purchase of their very own doggy stroller.  Give me a break!  I wouldn’t be caught dead pushing my animal around in one of these things.


One Response to “Who Comes Up With This Stuff?”

  1. My “animal” is amused by this too! 🙂 Why are you making me (forcing me against my incredible willpower) to get such funny images in my mind? “Happy trails, to you…. Until we meet Roy and Dale again!”

    Which way did they go? Nobody’s gonna catch me bein’ dead! 😀

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