Rogers…. Fido…. It Doesn’t Seem To Matter Which Service I Use….

I have got to have the worst luck in the world when dealing with cell phone companies.  I don’t know what it is, but if something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong with my account…. or if they decided they are going to be a complete a  dick to one of their customers, that customer {you guessed it} would be me.

Yesterday… it was Fido.  My daughter lost the backing and battery to her phone.  A phone which has now been discontinued.  So I figured I would just order her a new phone through customer service and have them mail it out to us.  Well…. that turned out to be way harder than first imagined.  You see… because there is a whopping outstanding balance on my account of $6.00 they can not put an order through for a phone, until the $6.00 is paid.  So now, I have to make a payment of $6.00 online… wait 5 business days for the transaction to be received, then call them back…. and hopefully then maybe I will be able to order her the $250 phone that we were wanting to order for her.  Oh yes and then wait for it to be mailed out to us.

Then today… it was Rogers.  I go to send my bf a text message, asking him how his day is going… when a screen on my phone pops up saying that I do not have service.  What the fuck??  So I try again…. and get the same message.  So I call Rogers.  Which I might add…. ever since I signed up with them, I have had nothing but problems as well.  The plan that I agreed to when I first signed up had evenings and weekends free starting at 6pm.  Well somehow my package got defaulted to the worst plan available… making my evening and weekends not free… which I had no knowledge of.  So there I was calling during the evening and weekends thinking I had unlimited calling, totally being billed for every minute that I was on the phone (and I might add, they are still charging me for those calls even though it was one of their employee’s that fucked up).  I actually cancelled my Fido account to join with Roger’s thinking that I would have less problems…. but no…. it has been about the same quality of service so far.  So I give Roger’s a call to find out what the hell is going on NOW with my phone. And for some reason my account has been cancelled.  HUH?  Who authorized that?  So the lady I was speaking to looked into it further and found out that the sales rep that I dealt with when signing up with Roger’s made a huge mistake… totally screwing up my account, and then it just cancelled itself out.  So she puts me on hold while she fixes the problem….. when (of course) the call cuts out.  I am seriously ready to scream at the top of my fucking lungs…. but realize I can’t because I am at work…. and well that just wouldn’t be good now would it? 

But the lady had enough sense about her to leave me a voicemail saying that my account has been fixed and that if I have any more problems to give them a call. 

Okay….. so you are my witness…. you heard it… she said my account has now been fixed.  Somehow I am having a hard time believing that right about now.   


4 Responses to “Rogers…. Fido…. It Doesn’t Seem To Matter Which Service I Use….”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    I had the same problems with Rogers for two years I finally got fed up and spent 400.00 dollars to cancel both our phones. If a person is willing to spend 400.00 dollars to get out of your company, you know you have bad service. One time a man called me a bitch and hung up on me. When another customer service rep listened to the recorded call and realized that I had been trying to civily work out a problem and this was how I was treated she was flabergasted. Of course there was nothing SHE could do though. I never in my life recieved such terrible service as I did at Rogers Wireless. I feel your pain.

  2. @ Tiffany

    You know…. I thought my problems with Roger’s were finally over. Within the last couple of months they seemed to stop “picking on me”…. but then just the other day I received my bill, which normally is about $85 a month, and found out that it is almost $120 this month. There were a whole bunch of bullshit charges…. so I guess… here we go again. I am considering paying the $200 to get out of my plan as well. In the long run it will be alot cheaper!

    Thanks for visiting! 😀

  3. Who is Rogers/Fido kidding with pricing the Motorola Q9 at $525 (no contract) and $275 (with 3 years contract) and also the Samsung BlackJack at $425 (no contract) $225 (with 3 years contract)? I can get the same phone from eBay, UNLOCKED with extra stuff and free accessories (eg. Car Charger, SD Memory and etc..) for ONLY $299 for the Motorola Q9 and $199 for the Samsung BlackJack plus shipping cost. For $525 I can go buy myself an Unlocked Apple iPhone or an HTC TYTN II with Standalone GPS, 3G and WiFi. I can’t wait for T-Mobile, AT&T, Orange and other American and European GSM providers to come to Canada and kick Rogers out of business. Check out the contract pricing for UK customers at they are offering FREE HTC Touch and HTC Touch Dual or BlackBerry 8320. What do you get from Fido for FREE if you sign a 3 YEARS contract?….. emmm.. let me check .. NOTHING! Absolutely nothing for FREE even with a 3 years contract. Well, if you pay $10 then you may get a Nokia 6070 which is probably worth NOTHING! Basically Rogers/Fido is not discounting their phone to keep their customers on a long term contract. Why? Well because you have NO OTHER OPTIONS. I would have done the same if I were Ted Rogers, knowing that there is no compatition in my GSM World Business in the country. So let’s charge people whatever we like! In fact lets milk them as much as we can!!! What are you going to do? I will buy you… just like I bought Fido! or the SkyDome. I will buy CN Tower and change the name to Rogers Tower or may be Niagara Falls and call it Rogers Falls, Why not buy the country and call it Rogers Land or something. Lets change the flag and put Rogers Logo in the middle. So selfish that didn’t wanted to come up with a creative name for the company… I mean Orange, Fido, etc… they are sound cool. but I WANT MY NAME… EVERYTHING IS MINE. WOOAHA HA HA… Unlimited plan??? Hell NO. Why would we give people UNLIMITED something when they are paying hundreds a months for their current bill and they have no other options! Hey T-Mobile, Orange, AT&T and other GSM companies out there… Canada is waiting for you. Millions of people are waiting for you to have their business. We are all ready to take our business from Rogers to go elsewhere. Show us WHERE?

  4. Unhappy Fido User Says:

    Customer service is terrible. The rep tried to argue with me.

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