Almost The End Of One Of My Favorite Sites…..

Pretty much every day I visit Matthew Good’s site.  Yesterday, was no exception.  But to my surprise… when I clicked on the link in my “blogroll”  I came to a screen explaining that his site had been hacked and everything had been lost.  Fortunately he was able to retrieve some of the content.  And enjoyed reading and completely agree with  Sonny’s thoughts  on the whole matter.  I don’t understand why some have complete disregard and utter lack of respect towards other people.  It is simply unfuckingbelievable! 


One Response to “Almost The End Of One Of My Favorite Sites…..”

  1. I got my site hacked a few days ago for a “phishing” scame where they were posting fake ebay pages on my site?? Strange, eh. It is unfuckingbelievable- come on people, done be so lame !

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