Drunken Cop Up For Promotion….

Constable Lisa Alford of the West Vancouver Police Department was charged with drinking and driving on November 26 of 2005.  Alford had been consuming alcohol with other officers after their shift at the West Vancouver Police Detachment before getting into her vehicle and attempting to drive.  On her way home she smashed her vehicle into the back of another car…. probably due to the fact that she blew almost three times the legal limit when given a breathalyser.  Alford pled guilty to drinking and driving, had her license taken away for 14 months, was fined $600, and was put on desk duty.  According to West Vancouver Police Department Chief Scott Armstrong, Constable Alford is now second in line for a promotion and apparently has the support of the chief.  Stating that she does not have a past record and acted responsibly after the incident.

First of all, what kind of an example is this setting for the youth and the teenagers of this city?  That if you are caught drinking and driving… not to worry it will go away and soon enough you will be up for a nifty little promotion?  And why does it seem that whenever someone in the government or in law enforcement gets in trouble it gets swept under the rug and they get treated far better than the average citizen?  Personally I think this officer (if you can call her that)  should no longer be employed by the City of West Vancouver let alone be up for any type of promotion.



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