Deer Made Target His Target…

In Iowa, a deer similar to this one….

made its way into a Target department store through an automatic door. The deer ran through the store for nearly 20 minutes with employee’s chasing it, I assume to try to capture it, but seriously…. how did they think they were going to do that? The deer managed to escape the same way that it managed to get into the store…. through an open door.

I found this story to be quite funny. When we were in Vegas a few weeks ago, the Flamingo Hotel where we stayed had this tropical garden that the hotel kind of wraps around. In the garden they have all sorts of birds, fish, and turtles…. but there were these pheasants that we super quick on their feet and would run down the pathways that lead through the garden. A few times we saw them trying to get into the hotel…. standing by the door waiting for people to come out so that they could sneak in. I wondered if any of them had ever made it inside and how hard it would be to catch one! This story definatly reminded me of that!


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