2 Day Work Week…

Due to Remembrance Day, November 13, yesterday, was a statutory holiday.  And seeing as how I am taking this Thursday and Friday off…. that makes this week a 2 day work week.  If only every work week could be this short.

I recently found out that I am owed 10 days of holiday time.  I had thought that I had used up all my holiday time for the year, as I have already taken 3 weeks off…. but apparently not!!!  The only problem… I am most likely not going to be able to use it during the remainder of this year.  You see… I am a part of a certain department, and within that department there are a very few number of employee’s. And due to the fact that when someone goes on holidays, someone needs to be able to cover that position, making it possible for only one person to take holidays at at time.   For the remainder of this calendar year… the majority of the weeks have already been alloted to other employee’s for holiday time.  Leaving me with the odd day here or there… but nothing available for a full week.  So seeing as how this “holiday time” is pretty much useless to me other than the odd day, I am going to take the time when I go on maternity leave at the end of January.  That way I can get paid for the time that I was planning on taking off anyway.


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