Another Rainy Day…

Man is the rain ever coming down here in Vancouver.  And apparently it is not going to let up for atleast the next couple of days.  This morning I was awakened by a flash of lightening that lit up the whole bedroom, and then followed by the crashing sound of thunder.  It sounded as if a train had derailed right outside our bedroom window. 

The street outside my work is completely flooded on both sides.  The water is now up to the curb and spilling onto the grass.  It amazes me how many cars I have seen so far, going way too fast and then not realizing that there is ginormous lake on the road, and having to slam on their brakes.   Meanwhile, water has totally engulfed their vehicle.  Seriously, some people do not pay attention to their surroundings.  It is quite scary!


One Response to “Another Rainy Day…”

  1. haha! That’s too funny. This is my first year driving in Vancouver during the rainy season and man oh man there are drainage issues everywhere!

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