Only Human?

Or barbaric?

The past few days in Vancouver have been a little different than normal. This past Wednesday the Lower Mainland was hit with an intense storm, that provided the local watersheds with an abundance of water. The problem? All this rainwater left sediments in the drinking water, making it necessary for a “boil water advisory” to be issued.

As of yesterday, the “boil advisory” was still in effect for West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby. Stores in the area started running out of bottled water. The demand was so great that they would sell out their stock in a matter of minutes. People interviewed on the news reported that “it was pure chaos”, when describing their experiences trying to obtain a precious bottle of water. This just goes to show you that a situation like this, (even though not truly an EMERGENCY situation) will automatically bring out the absolute worst in people. The lact of respect for others, people pushing and shoving and being completely rude to others…. just to get their own hands on the prize. I found it to be completely despicable.

While watching the news the other night, they had a camera in one of the stores, in the “water aisle”. There was a man there with a hand held grocery basket, filled with bottles of water. On the shelf sat two last bottles of water. The man, whom already had (I would say) more than ten bottles in his little basket, started to grab the remaining two bottles on the shelf… when another man, clearly empty handed came up to the water shelf, to try to acquire a bottle of the precious commodity. The “water man” just simply continued to grab at the water. Finally the less fortunate man asked “Well can I atleast have one?” The water man managed to dig deep down inside of himself (yeah right, probably due to the fact that there was a camera pointed at his face) and muster up enough HUMAN COMPASSION to allow the water free man to claim one precious little bottle. How nice!!!

I found this whole incident to be a huge wake up call for myself. Clearly people in this city are not prepared for an emergency situation…. and I, myself am no exception. As reported by emergency personel…. you must be able to provide yourself and your family with enough food and drinking water for atleast three days. Time to wake up!!


3 Responses to “Only Human?”

  1. ivansusanin Says:

    how am i sopostou ead all this it is HIUGE

  2. ivansusanin Says:


  3. So don’t, really… it’s okay if you don’t. I seriously won’t be crushed!

    And I think you meant **supposed** and **HUGE*** Must have been having a bad typing day or something! Ha Ha

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