My Adventures With City Fido And Craig’s List…

In the past I have had major problems with cell phone companies.  Fido being one of those companies.  Recently, my bf and I got my daughter a new phone with a plan through Rogers, leaving me stuck with this Fido plan that did not expire until February of 2007.  I had three choices… either buy out the contract, use the plan myself, or find someone else who wanted to take it over.

Yesterday, I was looking around Craig’s List (which is sort of like an online flea market) and saw that there were numerous City Fido plans that were up for sale.  The average price for a plan listed on the site was about $600.  I decided to post an ad, asking for a mere $200.  I really just wanted to get rid of the stupid plan which, after this bill that I just paid, I would be paying monthly for something that no one was even using.  If anyone out there reading this is having major problems with Fido, has a City Fido plan and just wants to be rid of them… but would also like to make a bit of money on the side, please read on….

So I posted my ad, listed my number, told people to call after 6pm.  Well at around 5:30pm I started getting calls.  I decided that I would be fair and sell to the first person who called.  We had set up a time and place to meet.  I then get a text message from another guy who wanted to buy the plan,  and was offering me more money.  This guy was pre-approved by Fido (already a Fido customer) and willing to meet with me asap, with an extra hundred dollars.  So me being the greedy little money whore that I am (just kidding) I decided to sell to the guy with the most money.  LOL!  But I did feel really bad… but hey… it’s not like I am swimming in money… and it is close to Christmas… and I am 7 months pregnant (okay that kind of made me feel better 🙂 )  Anyways so we meet up with mister moneybags, at a set location and everything went smoothly.  I swear I felt like I was doing something illegal!  When we got back home, I went back online and checked my email, which I might add had a few other inquires about the plan…. but there was also an email from Craigs List… telling me that my ad had been flagged and had been removed from the site.  WTF?  Not that I really cared anymore because the plan had already been sold, but I was a little pissed off…. why the hell was my ad removed?  Apparently other “users” of Craig’s List deemed it inappropriate.  Yeah okay and why would that be?  Because I decided to sell my plan for less than what others were listing their’s for?  What a bunch of sorry ass losers!  Today I went back on to Craig’s List and left another post with a title “City Fido Plan” and then a little message to all the so called “users” who seemed to think that my ad was inappropriate.  Heh Heh Heh! 

Now that I look back on the whole thing… I wonder… maybe I should have posted it for more money.   Nah… I am just happy that I made some money, and I am finally rid of the thing!  


8 Responses to “My Adventures With City Fido And Craig’s List…”

  1. That’s actually quite funny because just Monday I listed *my* city fido plan on there. haha… Yeah 🙂 I listed it for $600 I have no qualms about being a money grabbin’ whore 🙂 … hopefully I can get $500… anyway, fyi, I didn’t freak out on you… That’s kinda funny.

  2. @ mel

    That IS pretty funny! Anyway, I am sure that you can get $500 for it. When we went to Roger’s to set up my daughters cell… I mentioned to the sales guy that I had a City Fido Plan that I was stuck with and he told me “you can sell it for $1000… some drug dealer will buy it off you.”

    Which I might add is what I think Mr. Moneybags did for a living. Nice car, young guy, had a couple cell phones going….. 😀

  3. Will had left the following comment … but I accidentally deleted it!!……

    “Hey I got a question for you, how in gods name do you sell a Fido like waht did you do call fido and say I’m selling to this guy? or just give the guy your chip? did you ahve to sign something ? What was the exact procedure, one of my budz who moved to korea said that they do not let you do it at all anymore that you have to sign up for a new plan baisocaly they just let you get rid of your old plan”

    To tell you the truth I really don’t know if they still do this or not. I have had the pleasure of NOT dealing with Fido for sometime now…

    I found a guy on craig’s list that wanted to buy my “City Fido” plan. We met, he gave me money, I gave him the chip. I then called Fido and told them that I was transferring the account into his name and that all future billings were to be billed to him. I then gave him the phone and he gave them his info. The only thing that I really remember being a big deal was that he was pre approved by Fido. Meaning that he already had an account through them. But it wasn’t necessary for him to be pre approved… they told me that the person who you transfer the account into must meet their credit approval.

    Like I said… I have no idea if they are still doing this….. this was about a year ago… and they are FIDO.. so who knows.

    Thanks for your comment and I am sorry that I deleted it!!!! 😀

  4. How did you sell it? Today I just called FIDO and they told me the plan is not transferable. I can give it to someone to use it under my name. As soon as they change the name they loose the contract and they have to choose from the currently offerd plans. By the way, I’m in Toronto. Any advice? I am moving out of the country and want to get rid off it. Thanks, A.

  5. @ Annamaria….

    I am not too sure if you are still able to sell your plan or not. I haven’t dealt with Fido for a very long time…. but when I did sell my City Fido Plan I just called them up and said that I wanted to transfer the account into someone else’s name. Then the person who I sold it to went on the phone and talked to them and gave him all of his information.

    They might have changed their policies on this though… I am not sure.

    I now deal with Roger’s and they have recently changed a bunch of their policies…. so who knows!!! These large corporations will find screw their customers!!!

    Good luck, and thanks for popping by!!!

  6. @ Annamaria…. again

    And by the way… when I did transfer this plan over to the other person it was no longer in my name.

    Just to let you know. 😀

  7. I just called fido today “Jan 15 2009” i wanted to sell my city fido package.
    They said that they changed their policies, and your not allowed to transfer promotional packages. So dont try buying one..

  8. i m trying to sell out my fido plan…
    if anyone interested just email me back..
    n i ll tell u more detail about it.

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