Police Shoot 92 Year Old Woman….

Police in Atlanta, Georgia shot and killed a 92 year old woman, after she opened fire on them.  The police were narcotics officers, attempting to serve a warrant. 

The woman, startled by the officers, started shooting at them, hitting and wounding three.  The other officers returned fire… subsequently killing the woman.  The family is quoted as saying….

They done the wrong house. And they killed her.

Well you know what?  Even if the police were at the wrong house, the last I checked it was not a good idea to start firing a gun at police officers…. I don’t care how fucking old you are.  And the fact that this “92 year old” lady lived alone, with a gun and was clearly not able to think straight in such a situation does not say much about the family members, now does it?  They should be greatful that no one else was killed.

Guns are bad.


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  1. Anson Macdonald Says:

    This sort of response to an honest, law abiding citizen exercising their birthright to keep and bear arms (the second amentment enumerates an existing and recognized right of self defense, it does NOT grant a privelege) speaks volumes regarding the sad state of affairs we find our liberties in today. We all have this birthright but the physically weaker among us are particularly in need of an “equalizer”. To stamp the words “guns are bad” as a blanket condemnation of the primary tool of a free people shows just how far we have gone down that road to serfdom Hayek warned us about. Ordinary people in possession of the means to keep their freedom intact is precisely why this amendment was considered important; it was meant to intimidate potential tyrants and it is common knowlege that cops are capable of tyranizing the littlest of us. Perhaps is the old gal had shot a straighter line and capped the three of them instead of merely wounding and inciting them to murder, the rest of the ninja clad gang of thugs would think twice before knocking down the next door. You know, actually get the correct address?
    As far as “guns are bad”, I suppose only police should have them? Try telling that to the Jewish people who allowed another imfamous tyrant to disarm them into a completely helpless condition, a condition of helplessness that ended with six million dead in a horrible manner.

  2. @ Anson Macdonald

    Does this “birthright to keep and bear arms” mean that it is okay to fire at officers, or anyone else (other than in self defense) for that matter? I think not. The fact that the police were at the wrong address in the first place does not warrant “self defense”. If the police were in the wrong, and there were no drugs found inside the house, it would merely mean that they would quickly find out that they had made a mistake and would have been on their way. Instead, this lady took it upon herself to start firing bullets at them. As for the the line “guns are bad”…. I am sorry… but I think that they are. Did I say that “only police should have them”? No I did not… but I can certainly see why they do!!!
    Thanks for you comment.

  3. Anson Macdonald Says:

    If I knock down your door you don’t think you should defend yourself? When someone comes busting through your door it is difficult to keep calm; as you pointed out, the lady was old.

    What are we to do here? Roll over for the cops every time they make a mistake “in good faith” and then thank them for not killing us when they happen to find nothing or actually agree they made a mistake?

    A standing police force is a tool for tyrants and we got along just fine without one until (I believe) the 1830’s. The people who policed the country were law abiding common citizens (remember hearing about “citizen’s arrest?”) and the well armed militia was and is nothing more or less than we the people.

    My friend, if you fear guns you fear yourself.

  4. Hypathetically speaking… from the senario you provided me…

    If police were to come to my door… and I have commited no crime…. and I myself know that the police have the wrong house… why would I feel the need to have to “defend” myself by firing bullets at police officers? I wouldn’t. First off… I do not own a gun… nor do I have any desire to own one. Second ~ I think I have a little more self control and wit about me than to start firing aimlessly at people, just because I am startled as to why they are there.

    No, I do not think that we should just roll over for the police every time they make a mistake… but I also do not think that pointing a gun, and shooting at them is a good thing to do either (and that is pretty obvious now isn’t it?). They are people too you know? With families at home as well. I just don’t think that this woman was thinking too clearly at the time, and unfortunatly it resulted in the end of her life. I do think, however, that violence is not the answer.

  5. Anson Macdonald Says:

    Hypothetically speaking…how can anyone know what the lady knew? For all we can determine from what the press tells us (and that is stretching a hypothetical point indeed), all she saw were enemies bursting in the door. You may have enough self control to keep your bladder from letting go if I raise you in a poker hand but that is not the same as being in a combat situation. And make no mistake, drug raiders are trained to attack as shock troops.

    People who own guns and use them to stop the commision of a crime upon their own persons or those they love do not “start firing aimlessly at people” as you have written (she only shot the perpetrators attacking her home after all, not bystanders).

    If you do not own a gun that is your choice but understand that criminals love doing business in neighborhoods that are known to be disarmed by “law”. These oh so reasonable arguments and “guns are icky” attitudes have done us a huge disservice. Look at the per capita crime rate in Vermont (where conceiled carry is honored for all) versus DC (where you need a permit for a camera tripod) and you will see my point is made.

    It may appear that I have gotten off the topic of this one particular case but I assure you I have not. That woman had as much right to own any type of firearm she wanted and furthermore, to use it when she found herself (as she undoubtedly did) in a life threatening situation. If she did not own a firearm she would probably still be dead, if not from stress then from overzealous handling at the hands of our fearless drug warriors. If you understand why police have guns then understand why we must have them as well. When only police have superior firepower you have what is called a “police” state. Would you agree that a police state is a bad thing? Would you argue that the Poles in the Warsaw uprising should have opened their doors quietly to the nice police and see what they wanted without firing aimlessly into those who came to enslave them? They lost their lives too, you know. People, with families at home, just like you and me.

  6. And again I thank you for your comment and your opinion 😀

  7. Clearly, anyone actually defending themselves from thugs in law enforcement is a good person. Anyone in law enforcement is, by definition, a parasite. The government gets its money by killing people who won’t pay taxes. Taxation is theft or, at its best, extortion.

    Any other view of these things is statist, authoritarian nonsense.

    What next? A military draft so the USA fedgov can continue massacring civilians in Iraq? Are we going to go back to the days of LBJ and how many kids did he kill, today?

  8. E.J. Totty Says:


    The attitude you express is nothing short of arrogance: The idea that self-defence is unwarranted.

    Canada isn’t exactly crime free – not that it ever has been. The fact – and you seem to go out of your way to ignore this – that the lady who was murdered by the local police, lived in part of town with a high crime rate.

    You seem to exhibit the high and mighty liberal Canadian attitude, that you are somehow morally superior to most – if not all – Americans, just because you dislike firearms.

    Why don’t =you= go and live where she did, and please tell the rest of us how safe you feel while doing so.

    Please =DO= post a sign outside the doorway stating that you refuse to arm yourself, and that if attacked, why you’ll lay there and take it, nice pacified liberal Canadian that you say you are.

    Or, are you just gonna stay in Canada, and point fingers at your neighbors across your southern border, with all the pretentiousness you can muster?

    Tell you what: It’s really too bad that the old gal wasn’t a better shot, and managed instead shot dead the jackboots, every damned last one of them.

    When the fascists come a-beating,
    And people like you go a-bleating,
    Afraid to question anything they say or do,
    Then you will come to know,
    What’s been planned for you and go,
    And wonder why you didn’t act sooner,
    Instead to have fought against them and Proclaimed a loud and emphatic ‘no!’

    Guns are bad news for facists out to harm others.

  9. Using only their Rules:

    I do not know if this raid against her person and property was at 2:00 am. when it was dark. We do not know if this raiding party was visible to her as “police” in the lighting conditions, distracting noises, etc.

    I automatically give her the benefit of doubt. She faced a raiding party.
    She knew she was not in the Drug dealing business, or other Illegal activity. She knew she needed to take action into her own hands, if she was to have a chance to live at all.

    The Police, if that is what they claim to be, were at the wrong address, plain and simple. Their authority to operate inside private property came ONLY after a valid search warrant was issued listing the CORRECT address at which to operate.

    I fail to see how any initiating acts upon their part against the wrong address can be excused. They and their employer should be liable for damages times three and whatever a Jury wants to levy.

    I fail to see how their initiating force event against this old lady can be excused at all. I hope her heirs end up owning everything those officers own for many decades to come.

    There is no excuse for getting the wrong address in this day and age. Badge or no Badge. This shows a total lack of professional dedication to their duty to ascertain where they are and who they may be pointing their guns at.
    Only arrogance can explain such sloppy, non professional work.

    It stands to reason that if they were at the correct address, anyone firing on them would generate justification to return fire.

    “IF” you knew for absolute certain you were entering the correct home that had a valid search warrant. They weren’t. They didn’t.

    Face it. The officers involved _screwed the pooch_

    The simple fact is, the policeman on the beat who knew everyone in his neighborhood would not have knocked on the wrong door.

    This conspiracy against people called the war on some drugs has fuelled far too many injuries to communities and our culture.

    Testosterone and training has something to do with this.

    The lust to have Control over others has much to do with this problem.

  10. GalapagosPete Says:


    Starting to feel a little picked-on? Well, I’m afraid you have it coming, at least somewhat.

    You have made the mistake of reading only one short version of the story. There is a much longer and more complete recounting of the events at


    that you should have read before commenting on the story. When you say, “If police were to come to my door… and I have commited no crime…I think I have a little more self control and wit about me than to start firing aimlessly at people, just because I am startled…” it makes you seem more than a little foolish, since what they did was, “…break…through the burglar bar door before breaking down her front door.” I think you’ll agree that’s a little more than “coming to the door” and “startling” her.

    When you understate the events, then make a disparaging and vulgar comment about her age, you invite criticism for sloppy thinking.

    “A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.” Shane, 1953

  11. “Starting to fell a little picked on?” No not really 😀 we live in a world where everyone has their own opinions. Just as you have yours, I have mine.

  12. the lady was not in the wrong i would have done the same thing under the circumstances, if 3 armed men enter my house in plain clothes and yielding a pistol, shotgun , or even a knife sorry to say ur gonna get shot with out hesatation especially given the area she lived in, i say good for the cops who got hit maybe they will learn to finally get their stuff straight . i think who ever was i charge of the investigation or who ever handled the case and got the stuff mixed up in the first place, their ass should hang for that and the death of a innocent 92 year old woman’s death will ride on their conscience for the rest of their life , i would say “helpless old woman ” but … she odviously was far, far from helpless she took down 3 highly trained officers who probly were prior military and do this for a living day in and day out most criminals dont even get to hit 1 yet alone 3 she must have spent some time at the range i’d say she was a pretty good shot

  13. Anson Macdonald Says:

    Taraden, no one is challanging your right to an opinion. When you insist on taking refuge behind ignorance or, worse yet, “willfully misunderstanding” something like a freedom that one is born with however, it cries out for a response.
    Your right to free speech is by no means any safer than your right to self defense. When one is in danger they are all at risk.
    Consider the clear dismissal you have given the comments listed above. By disappearing into silence you are availing yourself of a right (free speech does indeed include silence) just as surely as one who is fighting for their life with every means at their disposal. What will you do when the day comes that you need arms and armed companions to defend that right you hold dearly? Do you think it can’t or won’t come to that? Do you believe that governments can and do restrict speech?
    An opinion is formed by an underlying principle. By your de facto acceptance of the right to free speech but not the right to self defense you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of applying your principle unevenly. That is, IMHO, what drew the responses we see written above. To paraphrase a philosopher, the pillow of ignorance you have lain your head upon must be a very comfortable one since you use it so frequently.

  14. I do understand that in my country as in yours people have the right to bear arms… as do I understand the right to freedom of speech. As for (as you put it) the complete dismissal that I have given to the comments above… I simply do not feel like entertaining the argument. I have not disappeared into silence… I have been here all along reading every single comment that has been left on this post… as it is in fact MY blog. I have never said that people do not have the right to self defense and personally I really think that you have taken this post far out of it’s context. Whether the lady was in the right or not…. I was merely pointing out the fact that in this day and age it is simply not a good idea to be pointing a gun and firing it at officers…. as they are most likely going to return fire. And sadly this ended in this womans death. And I do still feel that this poor woman should probably not have been living all by herself…. this even more so, after reading the link that GalapagosPete left above.

  15. Anson Macdonald Says:

    I am very much aware that this is YOUR blog. I am also very much aware that your sudden expressed sympathy is in conflict with your original sentiment (“I don’t give a fuck how old she was…”). She has now become sadly dead.

    Living alone was probably her idea as well so I am uncertain what you would have had the family do there. We do not give up the right to choose with age.

    And finally, officers or freelance thugs, you point the gun in the direction it needs to go; which is to say muzzle toward the bad guys.

    If you wish to terminate the discussion, say so or lapse back into silence. But don’t expect those of us who are concerned with liberty to pass by a statement like the one you made (“guns are bad”)

    Are automobiles bad too? They weigh in at thousands of pounds and travel at injurious velocities and are frequently piloted by aging operators.

    Perhaps since this is not to your taste you should limit your blog to pictures and discussions of lighthearted events like rock shows and things you feel comfortable holding forth on.

  16. My sudden expressed sympathy? Hmmm… I clearly do not remember saying “Yay… they killed her, good for them!!” I never once claimed to be happy that this woman lost her life. No that didn’t happen until you came along and misconstrued what was said in the original post (and I might add… putting words into the original post that were simply not there to begin with) I will give you another example of this…. with saying that I said people do not have the right to self defense.
    As for your statement that I should just “limit my blog to pictures and discussions of lighthearted events like rock shows and things that you feel comfortable holding forth on”…. that my friend is a very hypocritical statement for you to make. After all this “freedom to bear arms… freedom of self defense… freedom of free speech”… and then you try to tell me what I should and should not blog about? I can blog about whatever the hell I want to, just because you don’t happen to agree with my opinion… does not mean that I shouldn’t be able to speak my mind. I don’t sit at my computer 24 hours a day, logged into my blog waiting for someone to comment on a post that I wrote so that I can promtly write a response back… so that does not mean that I am avoiding the comment or as you seem to want to put it have “lapsed back into silence”. It does not mean that I am not entitled to my own opinion or that I am avoiding comments that have been left. It simply means that I have a life… I work every day… I have a family and I have other things that I do with my time than to just sit around and wait for your response.
    I can see that conversing with you is is definately exhausting. What do you want me to say to you “you are right and that I am wrong?” Or maybe you are wanting to hear “you win.” Well you know what? I am not going to say that to you. You have not changed my opinion on this subject. The only questionable part of the post that I wrote was “I don’t care how fucking old you are”… and really I don’t care how old she was. Just because she was 92 years old doesn’t make her actions more accountable. Age doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter. She could have been 16 years old…. and the same thing could have happened.
    As for terminating the conversation, I am about to do just that. I am not going to sit around and let you (you I might add, who has not had the balls to leave a link to your own site) the chance to put words in my mouth…. and make more out of something then what was in the original post. And if that is your idea of winning… then congratulations.

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