The Company Christmas Dinner Incident….

You know…. I have seen many things in my 32 years on this planet… but this takes the cake. This is completely disgusting…

Last night my bf and I went to his company’s “Appreciation Dinner”…. otherwise known as the “Company Christmas Dinner”. The dinner was held at The Coast Hotel & Convention Centre in Langley. They also had last years dinner there, which I thought was pretty good…. it is a nice place, and the food was good. This year we showed up at 7:00, just before dinner was to be served. We found ourselves an empty table, and had a seat. One of my bf’s friends, Kevin, that also works with him showed up and he took a seat at our table as well. After a short speech by the General Manager… it started to look as though they were going to start calling tables numbers to go up and start at the buffet.

All of a sudden these two guys come up to our table, and ask if anyone is sitting in the three empty chairs that were left at our table. We said no, so they sat down. My bf had worked with one of them for five years… the other was just a friend of the actual employee. Well…. to start, they were both completely drunk from the moment they stepped in the door. The company supplied two bottles of wine per table (one red, one white) but Kevin, my bf’s friend was drinking beer, and my bf and I were not drinking at all (of course I was not as I am pregnant.) So the toxic duo started helping themselves to the bottle of red wine. The one who was employeed by the company seemed pretty quiet, while the other couldn’t seem to shut up…. which started to get really annoying after awhile.

Finally our table number was called and we went up to fill our plates. The spread was nice… alot of different choices. When we were ready to go back to the table, I started to feel like I had to go to the washroom (no shit! me being pregnant…and I had to go to the washroom?) So I went back to the table, put my plate down and proceeded to the washroom.

 When I returned I saw my bf walking towards me and he said “Don’t go back to the table.” I asked him why and he told me that the “quiet” one of the two drunken guys that had invaded our table had just pissed all of the floor… underneath the table. What? This guy had whipped his dick out right there under the table, when everyone was gone, and pissed all over the carpet. When my bf returned to the table he saw him doing something “down there” and saw him zip up his pants. The dinner was in the theatre part of the hotel, so our table was up a level from the first row of tables….separted only by a railing. A girl at the table that was sitting below us also saw him taking a piss, midstream, and they all had to move to a different table, as the smell was wafting over while they were trying to eat their dinner.

How absolutley disgusting. Who does this? Why not get up and go to the washroom? Did he not realize what he was doing? And he has to go and work with these people. My bf went and told the General Manager what had happened and securtiy was called in and the two of them were removed from the hotel. We swithched tables and tried to enjoy our dinner. Word quickly spread of what happened and other employee’s stopped by at the table to find out what had happened. Simply unbelievable… I swear… just as you think you have seen everything… some new idiot comes along and completely blows your mind!


3 Responses to “The Company Christmas Dinner Incident….”

  1. Noooooooooooooooooo?! OMG! That’s insane!

  2. @ mel
    Yes… I fib you not! According to my boyfriend the guy hasn’t shown up at work since. He called in sick yesterday. If I was the boss I would seriously be thinking of firing his ass. The only thing is that they are a union company… so who knows if anything will come of it.

  3. OMG!! And I thought the people I work had been raised by wolves. Your bf had some great co-workers.

    Thanks for the laugh! That’s a great story.

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