Give Them A Break…..

I am a receptionist for a newspaper.   I answer all calls that come into the building.  The majority of these calls are directed to our circulation department.  These calls are from people who are calling to complain that they did not receive a newspaper or if the carrier has delivered the paper in a sloppy manner or sometimes people call to say that they do not wish to receive the newspaper and would like delivery to be stopped.   Before I continue with the rest of this post…. I would like to remind everyone that this is how it looks outside….

So far this morning I have been bombarded with phone calls from people complaining that they did not receive their FREE community newspaper in the last few days.  Have they not looked out the window?

When the reason about the weather is explained for the reason why their newspaper did not magically appear at their doorstep… many have responded by saying “well the roads look clear.”  Yes, the roads do look clear, don’t they?  That might be due to the fact that there are vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds driving down them, clearing them of snow.   This does not mean however that the sidewalks and driveways are free of ice and snow.  Some of the carriers who deliver these community newspapers are little kids.  They certainly do not get paid very much and certainly should not have to risk their safety to make sure that the local paper gets delivered on time.  People should be a little more understanding.



2 Responses to “Give Them A Break…..”

  1. hrm. ok… will it come LATER TODAY… how about TOMORROW ?

    haha 🙂

  2. […] Taraden at Chillaxin has a few words for disgruntled people during the snow storm and clueless drivers [Chillaxin]. It seems like everyone’s gone a little nuts this season, what are us sane people to do? Wynne continues to amaze me (and probably everyone else), if not for the frequent 10-30km runs and marathons, she’s still going strong through winter [EverythingIsConnected] Brrrrrr. […]

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