I Am In Need Of A Hand Basket, Cause I Think I’m Going To Hell…

Okay… I flipped off an old lady off today.  But before you get all pissy with me… let me explain.  You see I was waiting for a traffic light to change.  The light was at an intersection that leads into a shopping centre.  There were two other cars in front of me when the light turned yellow.  As this light was controlling traffic IN and OUT of the shopping centre… I did not want to pull right up on the ass end of the car in front of me… blocking cars that were coming in from getting to the parking area, as if a car came in they would not be able to get past me.  So I sat back a bit, being considerate to other driver’s who might be entering the parking lot… and waited for the light to go green.  All a sudden this older woman in this big burgandy sedan pulls around me and sits right in behind the car that WAS in front of me…. totally blocking the way of any cars that wanted to get into the parking lot (which, a car did pull in and could not get by her, I might add) and also totally disregarding me at the same time.  I guess she figured that I was some moron just sitting there for absolutely no reason. 

So the light goes green, I being a person who doesn’t take shit like this lightly, pull around her and cut infront of her to where I was in line before she decided to bud in front of me.  I do this and she lays on her horn.  I look back at her and she has this confused look on her face… wondering what the hell was going on.  Got to love it when jackasses like this, ones who assume they are the only ones on the road,  are totally oblivious to what’s really going on.  So I flip her off.  Turn back around and continue along my merry little way.   I am sorry… but I found her to be completely ignorant and unaware of her surroundings and without a little “tough love” how will she ever learn?  I know… I know… I’m going to hell.


2 Responses to “I Am In Need Of A Hand Basket, Cause I Think I’m Going To Hell…”

  1. I understand what you mean, some people are just in their own little world sometimes. Seems like the snow’s brought out the worst in them too.

    I almost got hit by a car twice yesterday – once at a stop sign (for the car) and one at a red light (for the car) while I was crossing at the pedestrian-controlled light.

  2. @ miss 604

    It is quite scary out there at times. You pretty much have to travel about with the mindset that you are invisable, having to wait for others, just to avoid being hit… even when you have the right of way! It must be far worse downtown.

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