Just A Friendly Announcement…

Comments left on this blog will now be moderated….. just so you know!


3 Responses to “Just A Friendly Announcement…”

  1. T~

    Well, why did I assume they already were? Maybe that is my moderate view to begin with. That is, this *is* your blog, and if I do not think about moderating myself first, surely you’re gonna set me straight. If you have an excess of boisterously lively badmouthing commentators you’d like to steer toward me (ones you don’t want to play with anymore), I may have some sort of dark wishes for them, I believe.

    Well, I would expect that you’d want to set me straight, if I went out of line, or over it, or into the thin ice and through it. Am I anywhere near the way out of the woods yet, is what I want to know! Probably you would succeed at it. We’re assuming here that I can actually catch on to what you would easily explain. So far that’s what I’ve seen, at any rate.

    Your snow looks so much better than ours usually does. My jealousy is my problem, I know. 🙂 Your snow and the simulated fools around you are your problem, or is that problem(s)?

  2. @ g

    It seems that some have problems sticking to the topic at hand and want to ramble on about something that I have become sick of defending. That thing being my opinion. So…. as for now…. I have turned the “moderation” feature on…. which I really hate to have to do!

  3. Eh, at least you can do it when they’re buggin’ ya (or if I ever do/did) — it is understandable you’d rather let it be “free range for decent folks” and you’d figure enough of those would have something to say.

    Can’t always get what you want. Me too, and “eh'” is not Canadian! But it is also not un-Canadian! 😉 (please don’t tell me I’m wrong, unless I am)

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