A Different Kind Of Bomb….

A woman aboard an American Airlines plane was not allowed to re board the plane after an emergency landing took place.  It seems this poor woman had a bit of a gas problem that day… and figured the best way to cover up the smell was to light a few matches to try to mask the odor.  After a few of the passengers reported smelling sulfer burning to the airline crew, the plane was brought down for an emergency landing.  The cabin was searched, and evidence of a burnt match was found under her seat.  I heard about this story on the news as well… with them reporting that this woman is now banned from American Airlines for a year but was not charged (but the link above does not include that information)  How embarassing!   I do feel sorry for this woman for finding herself in such an awkward position… but come on…. lighting a match on a plane?  These days that will definately get you into some trouble.

The one thing that I do not get is in this day and age with all the security measures in place for flights due to the terrorism factor…. why are passengers even allowed to bring matches onto a plane in the first place?  Apparently (from what I could find out on the web… and through the news) 2-4 books of matches are allowed per passenger.  For what purpose would you need to bring matches on a plane with you or even in your carry on luggage?   


2 Responses to “A Different Kind Of Bomb….”

  1. Well, the answer to that is that people smoke. My wife used to smoke, My mother smokes, my grandmother smokes, I (thankfully) do not smoke tobacco (or controlled substances). I think it comes down to the fact that chain smokers fly too. Have you ever seen a person in cigarette withdrawal? When my mother tried to go from smoking a pack a day to quitting, she was crazy (100 x more so than normally). Can you imagine what airline and airport personnel would have to put up with if there were no designated smoking area’s in the terminals? No amount of Starbucks, Alcohol, or food can satiate the craving for a cigarette if you are a major user. That combined with the fact that a large number of business people who smoke, also must travel. Two books of matches might be enough to get you through till your flight takes off, if security did not let you take your fluid lighter with you on the plane.

    Besides, I think we are way too security paranoid in this day and age anyway. The flight systems did what they were supposed to do, they detected the flame and alerted the crew. If the woman had not hid the fact they would not have had to search the plane and found the match. That is why she was banned from the airline, because had she told the truth she would not have caused an emergency landing and wasted everyone’s time and a lot of money.

  2. @ Trinity 777

    Yes you are right… people do smoke. But it still surprises me that airlines allow matches on a plane. There is no smoking allowed on flights… atleast the ones that I have been on. I myself USED to smoke. Have quit now for about 2 years. Hardest thing I have ever had to do, but also the best thing that I have ever done. 😀

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