I Feel Your Pain….

I have a feeling that with my daughter being 14 years old this may just be how our home PC is feeling right about now….

I gotta get me a Mac.


2 Responses to “I Feel Your Pain….”

  1. I love Macs. I used to be a huge PC fan, but I converted a few years ago and you’ll never get me to go back.

    Just make sure you know what your daughter downloads, and you run your typical spyware/virus programs once a week, and your computer should be fine (even if it’s a PC). I used to support computers on a college network for the Undergrad Dorms. You’d be surpised just how much running these programs once a week helps your system not slow down.

  2. Our household is 1/2 Mac 1/2 PC. My husband is trying to bring me to the i-side and I think I may be crumbling… those 15 inch macbooks… too cute – I want one.

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