When Cats Fly….


This weekend my cat… Mister Kitty decided that he was going to take up base jumping… and perform a base jump off the back patio.  Normally we let him go out there to get some fresh air, as he is strictly an indoor cat.  There is a railing around the balcony which in the past few weeks, he found out that he could jump up on… and sit on the ledge and get a better view of the world outside.  Right before he made his little dare devil move, I had been out on the patio giving him some love {pets}…. as I had heard him meowing a few moments earlier.  {normally… Mister is not a very vocal cat.  The odd meow here or there… but that’s about it.}  I had figured that one of the neighbourhood cats must have been lurking about, as to the reason why he was meowing.  I went back inside the house…. and a few minutes later we heard a noise like he had fallen {claws scratching down the railing… as if in a falling motion.}  I said to my bf… “he did not just fall off the balcony… did he?”  So I went out to check and sure enough… he was no where to be found.  Now…. the time was after 5:00 pm… which here in the Pacific Standard Timezone  means at this time of year it is now dark outside.  My cat is black.  Eventually we did end up finding him, but it did take a little while.  And while he is okay, sadly there will be no more balcony for Mister Kitty.


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