The Route of All Evil ~ Part Deux….

Just a quick review of the concert last night…


As you can see, our seats were worse than I first anticipated… which wasn’t too good. This was the best picture that I took of Motley Crue the whole show and I took 100 pics! They were definately the worst seats I have ever had for a concert in my life! Oh well. Motley Crue was good. Vince Neil.. the singer, seemed a little intoxicated… sometimes missing entire lines of songs {which I wasn’t too impressed about.} I had gone to their concert last summer and he performed much better at that show then he did last night. But even so, I am still glad that I went.


Aerosmith was really good. I must say, Steven Tyler definately still has “it”, even after all these years. The man just seems to have an abundance of energy, and his voice still sounds great. However they did not play alot of the songs that I was hoping that they would have played. Other than the people sitting in front of us, who managed to smoke about 5 joints throughout the concert, and at one point passing a joint to me and asking if I wanted some (not too good for a pregnant woman to be breathing in!!!) I would say it was a pretty good show.


One Response to “The Route of All Evil ~ Part Deux….”

  1. I was so bummed when I could not get tickets to this show while it was still in the LA area. But I’m kind of glad I didn’t go after the reviews I heard the next day on one of my favorite radio stations. Apparently Vince Neil forgot what city they were in, and (as happened at your concert) forgot a lot of words to almost every song.

    Aerosmith, on the other hand, got some of the most amazing reviews. Perhaps The Crew should have reconsidered touring with a band that seems to not loose it’s magic no matter how long they go? The Crew are defiantly getting old, but for some reason Aerosmith is managing to keep the same energy of their youth. It could just be that Stephen Tyler is a Rock God but almost every concert review I’ve seen highlights the contrast between the two bands, and The Crew never seem to hold a candle to Aerosmith.

    I’m still jealous that you got to go. Even if you did have not so good seats, it sounds like you saw a good show.

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