I’m All Done…

I am all done my Christmas shopping!!  I stayed completely away from the big shopping malls…. and finished everything up this past weekend.  I could probably buy a few more things… but seriously… I have run out of money, and I am not going to put myself into a really bad financial situation just to add a few more gifts under the tree.   And really… if people can’t understand that or accept the fact that I am not made of money… oh freakin’ well.

I am really glad that I did not have to step foot into Coquitlam Centre.  With the state of humanity these days I could just imagine what that shopping experience would have been like.  With me being almost 8 months pregnant…. I swear I would have lost it if anyone started shoving me around.  It was bad enough at the stores that I did enter.  And on the note of humanity…. and just on basic hygeneine in general…. I can not believe the utter state of grossness of a washroom that I vistied at a Canadian Tire store.. while out on my shopping travels.  Ladies.. (let me remind you that is in fact what we are… LADIES) could you please not act like some sort of barbarian… and atleast flush the toilet when you are finsihed.. come on how hard is it to flush a fucking toilet.  And for those of you ladies who somehow manage to piss all over the toilet seat (and really how the hell you manage to piss all over a toilet seat is beyond me) but if you do manage to… please be a LADY and wipe it up… so that the next LADY who enters the washroom does not have to do it for you.  (Yes I actually had to wipe up somebody else’s urine… just so that I could go to the bathroom. Disgusting… but true.)

Ahh… the Christmas season…. thankfully it will all be over soon.


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