Five Things You Don’t Know About Me…

I have been tagged by Collin to participate in writing a post containing five things that (I am assuming) the majority of people would not know about me.  This is definately not as easy as it first sounds.  There are a few things that no one in my life at the current time knows anything about at all…. but those things are a little too personal to post here.  So here is what I have come up with….

  1. The way that I have changed my life for the better over the last three years.  The reason why I have put this as #1 is the fact that many people in my life today would not have even recognized me three years ago, let alone realize what kind of life I led or some of the things that I went through.
  2. That I have always considered myself to be a half decent singer.   Most people would not know this due to the fact that the only real time that I sing is when I am in my car… alone (with the tunes cranked up!!) or if I am at home alone.
  3. I have two tattoo’s… both of which I got when I was around 16 years old.  They are both located on my back, on my shoulder blades and both need to be either   a) removed or    b) covered up.  Personally I would like to keep one of them, but get it re-done and add a little more to it… but I really do not have the money for that right now.
  4. I have always wanted to be involved in law enforcement, in some shape or form.  Whether that means being a police officer, a crime scene investigator, or just to be able to study the criminal mind to try to find out what makes it tick.  My dad was a prision guard for over 20 years… so that might have something to do with that!
  5. And finally… this blog.  Many people whom I encounter on a daily basis have no idea that I blog and have my own little space on the web.  And as like Collin, in his five things… I too am some what of a perfectionist when it comes to blogging.  I appreciate visting other blogs in which the spelling is correct and I try to make sure that my blog reads the same way.  I often re-read my posts after they have been published, just to make sure there are no spelling errors in them!  (sad but true!!)

And that would be that.  It was fun…. and I would like to thank Collin for including me in the festivities!  I am assuming that I must now tag five others to join in the fun, so here we go…..  Miss 604, Mel at 2 Bit Studios, Doth, Galen and hmmm… how about Qwerty (if, of course all these people are reading this!!)


4 Responses to “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me…”

  1. I’ve been tagged! k! I’ll work on the list 🙂

    I think I can sing too.. except the people that have heard me still don’t seem to know that about me ?? 🙂

  2. ’twas a simple task to tag, probably the easiest of the post!

    My thanks for your participation and I bid you a most excellent festive season.

    *sorry, been drinkinging. 😉

  3. […] One thing I didn’t know was that I was tagged over at Chillaxin last week. Eee! Now I don’t feel so left out, since John was tagged a little while ago by Jeremy Latham. […]

  4. Am sorry I’ve not been at your blog lately 😦

    I’ll do this post since you tagged me but I just did one and I hate tag games so am not tagging anyone hehe 🙂

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