Stay Out Of The Park…

This is an aerial view of Stanley Park, located very close to the downtown core of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The park which measures 400 hectares, was named after Lord Stanley, the Governor of Canada and officially opened in 1888.  It is the main tourist attraction of the city.

A major windstorm last Thursday & Friday ripped through the city and destroyed much of the park.  The storm has left behind many fallen trees, some almost 200 years old, and park crew are working hard to clear the debris.

Fallen trees litter the side of the road in Stanley Park blocking the entrance to one of many the many trails in the park, Tuesday December 17, 2006. (CP / Chuck Stoody)

There have been many warnings put out to the public to stay out of the park while crews attempt to restore some order, but there are reports that many people are not obeying the warnings.  With in the last few days police received 911 calls from a man who had been trapped underneath fallen trees since last Friday… the day after the storm occured.  What the hell is wrong with people?  Why anyone would venture off into a park that contains an immense amount of forest area during a major windstorm or even just after a major windstorm is beyond me.  Warnings, such as the ones telling people to stay out of the park, are put up for a reason… and if people are not going to obey them… then personally I think that they have then chosen to enter at their own risk.  Why should search and rescue crews have to go in to save these people who clearly have no common sense at all. 


One Response to “Stay Out Of The Park…”

  1. I love Stanley Park. I’ve been there a few times, mostly when I was in High School. What a shame to here that it was hit so hard.

    And anyone stupid enough to go into a bad area like that, and need S&R to pull them out, should be flogged in public for their stupidity.

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