Already Fallen…

Okay it is officially the 2nd day of the new year and I have already fallen off the wagon numerous times when it comes to my New Year’s resolutions. My #1 resolution to stop swearing, cussing or using vulgar language of any kind has deemed itself to be much harder than it really should be. Let me ask one thing though? If alone, say driving in my car, and a curse word happens to slip out of my mouth…. without anyone else actually hearing it… does it count?

So far in the whole whopping 2 days that have existed in this new year I have managed to let out three swear words (that have been heard by others), all on the 1st of January. Horrible! As for my little question earlier… about if no one hears it, it shouldn’t count…. I, personally don’t think they should count. My bf has come up with a nifty little idea for himself… everytime I break my resloution I have to perform sexual favours and backrubs on him!! Ha Ha Ha. Now how will performing sexual favours on him ever stop me from swearing? ๐Ÿ™‚


One Response to “Already Fallen…”

  1. Bill Cosby has a video out of some stand up he did back in the 80’s (Bill Cosby: Himself). He spends a portion of it talking about this very thing, and after watching it I pretty much found my own little way of not cursing. This important for me, as I have a bad combination of a very dirty mind, and I work with children grades K-8 most of the day. Try this:

    Whenever possible censor yourself. Just stop mid-sentence before finishing the word, and try to replace it with an alternate. It will seem very awkward at first, but after a while, you will see it coming and stop yourself. But here is the key to the whole thing. No, imagine your father or your mother growing up. Imagine how foolish they looked when they tried to censor themselves in front of you (this was a common occurrence in my house as my father was a factory worker). If this never happened in your house, imagine if had. Hold this image in your mind of how stupid and outrageous your parents looked (or could have looked) while looking you in the eye and trying very hard not to say a word they know they shouldn’t. And remind yourself that you promised never to become that person as long as you live. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bill Cosby says that his father hardly ever completed a majority of his sentences when he was a boy. Statements like, “I ought to….”, “I have half a mind to….”, “What the…”, were usually followed by statements like, “Get out of my sight boy before I figure out what I’m saying.”

    Worth a laugh, but I personally hate looking like I’m unable to articulate myself in front of the kids I work with. They already think I’m crazy, which may be true, so I don’t want to encourage this.

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