The westcoast of Canada certainly has seen some interesting weather in the last couple of months, and today being no exeption.  We awoke to over 5 inches of snow this morning.  Making the morning commute for many drivers complete chaos.  If it’s not snow then its wind.  Yesterday and last night there were more high winds that hit Stanley Park, causing more damage and fallen trees.  There were even reports of a jogger being grazed by a falling tree while jogging along the seawall.  All I have to say to that is “good… serves you right.”  I am sick and tired of hearing of these people who can’t seem to follow the rules, or listen to warnings and then find themselves in situations such as this.  It is simply their own damn fault.  As for the snow…. I think it is beautiful, and hope that it stays around for awhile.  If everyone just slows down a bit on the roads and actually pays attention to their driving everything will be okay.


4 Responses to “Mayhem..”

  1. The weather in the LA area has been extremely weird this season too. Two days ago we had a heat wave with temperatures in the lower 80’s, today’s projected hi is in the upper to mid 40’s, and don’t forget high wind advisories as well. What a trip!

  2. Do they even have snow tires in Vancouver?

    I remember the year I lived there it snowed too and I thought I was going to die in the cab from the airport upon returning home from Christmas!

    Good luck with the weather! We’re still waiting for it here in Ontario — though I hear it’s coming. Your storm’s moving this way.

  3. hello chillaxin, just dropped by to check out your blog… brrr! that snow and ice looks miserable. hope you have a great new year. peace.

  4. Yes, yes…it is very cold! And we are expecting more snow tomorrow! But like I said…. I kinda like it. Normally we do not get this much snow here. It’s definitly better than the rain!

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