Disfunction At It’s Very Finest….

My daughter and I have been involved with the PCRMRA (Port Coquitlam Ridge Meadows Ringette Association) for about three years. My daughter, has been registered on a Ringette team, with the association, during that time and really has become quite a good player. I like the fact that she has a sport that she enjoys playing, and that I can afford to pay for…. seeing as how I am a single mother to her, and that her father does not contribute to any aspect of her life.

I have had a few problems this year with the “treasurer” of the association. She is the one who handles the registration fee’s and the associations monies. She has made a few mistakes with my daughter registration so far this year, but recently I figured that everything was now going to go smoothly and that she had finally gotten her shit together. Well apparently I was wrong. I get a message on my voicemail from my daughter’s coach saying that come Monday, she will no longer be able to participate in Ringette, if her registration is not paid. There is no money alloted to her registration, what-so-ever. Seriously, is this “treasurer” woman smoking some crack or what? I have clearly paid the registration, as a quick online banking search of my account shows the full payment coming out of my account in the middle of November 2006.

It really never fails you know. Me… dealing with an organization, or a big corporation…. some way, somehow, something will go wrong. I always seems to end up dealing with people who don’t know what the fuck they are doing. I don’t understand it. Why me? Why ALWAYS me? I am now getting to the point that I expect things to go wrong, when having to deal with anyone. That way, when they things do go wrong, maybe I won’t get so fucking pissed off that this organization or company decided to assign tasks to complete and utter morons. Great way to have to think….. don’t you think?


2 Responses to “Disfunction At It’s Very Finest….”

  1. Two things I have come to learn working for a non-profit:

    1. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
    2. Never underestimate the ability of small people who are given power to abuse that power whenever they get the chance.

    In the last six years I’ve had to put up with some really messed up people in places of administration. The only way I find to keep from getting depressed because I EXPECT someone to screw me over is to always know the next link in the chain. Shit rolls down hill, unless you know how to move it to redirect it. If your online banking has the ability to print a picture, transaction number, or something to prove that the organization did accept your funds, take it to the next person up in the chain. When you get a hold of that person, don’t threaten them, go the other way. Tell them you understand that the person really is working to the best of their abilities, that you sympathize with that fact that they probably were the only person available to fill the position, and that their incompetence is not a reflection of the rest of the leadership involved. And end with a sweet smile and ever so mildly firm statement that you trust that now the situation as been brought to some one you know to be able to get things done the right way, that you will not have to start talking to other parents about how funds are being miss managed.

    BTW, when I was in High School my mother had a similar problem with our Band Booster’s Secretary. Turns out that the person was embezzling money from the funds, and saying that people had not paid their dues to cover for it. This could be worse than just incompetence, so you really should talk to the person who is supposed to be in charge.

  2. Actually, lately I feel like I hit walls *everywhere*. Right now, the camera I owned for 1 month is broken, I still owe money on my taxes, I was charged 2 extra months for emusic after I cancelled my subscription… and customer service takes hours on a phone and people who don’t know what they’re talking about.
    BUT it wasn’t until my visit home that I realized, shit happens to everyone. I watched my mom make calls to her timeshare customer service because info hasn’t arrive for 1 month, battle with our small town mail people because they gave away our post box number after my mom updated everyone for christmas cards … and so on…
    I figured I should suck it up because it doesn’t seem to get better 🙂

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