If You Show Your Boobs Off In Public, Apparently You Are Not Allowed To Help Save The Boobs…

A group of exotic dancers, here in Vancouver, put on a “charity strip-a-thon” to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. They performed free shows to customers at a bar all day, and were planning on donating the $6000 they raised to a breast cancer organization.

Unfortunatley, due to the nature of their occupation, their donatation was turned down by the organization. Apparently, if you take your clothes off for a living you can’t be a part of trying to better the lives of woman who either ARE experiencing the effects of breast cancer, or MAY be effected by the disease later on in life.

Complete bullshit. A donation is a donation. The money was not obtained illegally. The last I heard “exotic entertainment” was still legal here in the city of Vancouver, and for that breast cancer organization not to accept their generous donation…. says alot about their own intentions, in trying to better the lives of women.


4 Responses to “If You Show Your Boobs Off In Public, Apparently You Are Not Allowed To Help Save The Boobs…”

  1. Every day I drive by billboard signs that have a picture of a woman who is wearing a very tight top, and is cropped only to show her breasts. The logo on the tight t-shirt says in in very large black letters, “we only think of one thing,” and in a smaller caption that took me three weeks of driving by to finally read it says, “or two, depending on how you look at it.” At the top, almost so small I didn’t realize it, is the logo for the American Cancer Society. It could just be that I’m a man, and therefore did not see the logo because I was distracted by the boobs, but it was clearly an add that was designed around that fact that men like boobs (well, most heterosexual men like boobs is would be more actuate). Sounds like these strippers were applying the same logic and tried to do some good with the money they could make off of it. I see nothing wrong with it.

  2. John and I were talking about this hypothetically about a year ago and now here it is, actually happening. He’s posted about it too – turns out the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (that does the Run for the Cure etc) is different from the organization that turned down the money (the Breast Cancer Society of Canada) and they’re more than happy to accept the donation. Such a strange situation, you’d think when it comes to saving lives and helping people who are sick, it wouldn’t matter where the funds came from.

  3. Are you kidding me!? I CANNOT believe that they would turn down the money. That makes the organization seem archaic and ridiculously right-minded.

    Now, perhaps if they were pimping women out for sex, that would be a different story, but exotic dancing? Come on now. Live a little. Take the money. Save some lives.

  4. wow, thats really bad.

    surly it doesn’t matter where the money comes from !!!

    ironicly its probably the most ideal way to raise money for this particular cause as most men would be made more aware of the issue by it 🙂

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