Poison Blow Dart…

For months I have longed to play the role of a sniper with a bee bee gun aimed out the bedroom window at my trashy neighbour who insists on causing a ruckus during the wee hours of the morning on a consistent basis….. weekday and weekend. A little pellet in the ass might be just the thing he needs to make him realize that while he is noisily loading his tools, ladder, and other crap into his piece of shit truck (things that I assume he needs for work everyday) that there are actually people that are still sleeping at 6:30 in the morning.

I know… I know theft is a rising problem, this probably the reason for him not leaving the tools in his truck overnight…. but some people have come up with some nifty ideas over the years to protect ones belongings…. things like locks, alarms and adequate insurance coverage.

At the mention of my sniper like intentions to one of my bf’s friends… the idea of a poison blow dart came up. You know the kind used by a tribesman in the jungle with some sort of bamboo shoot as the barrel and having to blow through one end to launch the dart? It wouldn’t necessarily have to contain poison… maybe some sort of sleep aide that would knock the bastard out for a awhile, until the rest of us catch up on some sleep that he has caused us to loose.

{F.Y.I… just in case anyone actually takes me seriously on this….. I was in no way planning on hurting my neighbour…. just a little humor. But he is annoying as hell!!}


3 Responses to “Poison Blow Dart…”

  1. egilhardanger Says:

    While I appreciate the sentiment (as one who loves to sleep late), I have been the poor bastard loading his shit at some ungodly hour.

    However, if you do shoot him, actual bullets are safer than pellets, bb’s, blow darts, as they cauterize as they pass through. Subsonic projectiles present an awful risk for infection…….so a .22 flesh wound.

    I must add that if anyone shot me with so much as a spitball at that hour, I would commence to blowing parts off of them w/a deer rifle.

  2. @ egilhardanger

    sorry! But it is rather annoying… especially on a Sunday morning. Thanks for popping by 😀

  3. Yo Dude,

    Didja actually ever talk with this guy about being so noisy? If he is just a plain ole asshole about it then I can see causing him a little agony and I got ideas on that. Now, if you did talk to him and if he is really trying to make an honest living and is sincere about trying to be quiet at an early hour then ya might wanna invest in earplugs for sanity sake.

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