The Little Things….

The little things that drive me crazy…

First of all…. my Ipod headphones… how the hell do they get so tangled?

People trying to find parking at the gym. Must you “stalk” people just to get a close spot… come on people we are going to the gym for heavens sake. Having to walk a little further from your car to the gym is not going to kill you.

I have said this before, and I will have to say it again…. wipe down the fucking machines after you have finished using them. The other day there was this girl at the gym (who had a nice physique & was quite attractive) using two different machines and failed to wipe both of them down… sorry honey but that’s just nasty.

Tractor trailer’s who insist on driving in the fast lane. Is there not a law that they must stay to the right unless they are passing someone?

And finally (well for now at least.. ha ha) people who do not stop for pedestrians at a crosswalk. Yesterday I was walking with my 7 week old son in his stroller and had to wait at a marked crosswalk while six cars drove past us and no one even slowed down.. let alone even thought of stopping for us. Then when we did finally get to cross, along comes a mini van with some asshole driving it who decides that because I have made it to the middle of the crosswalk he doesn’t have to slow down at all or stop. I gave him a little unfriendly wave… just to say “hey thanks for slowing down” and he simply waved back at me and kept driving at the same speed. Pretty shameful…. especially when just two days ago a four year old boy was hit while walking with his mother in a marked crosswalk only a few blocks away from where we were crossing. Sadly the little boy is still in the hospital listed under critical condition.


One Response to “The Little Things….”

  1. oh god – I heard about a pedestrain hit the other day but I didn’t know the details. That’s so sad.. yeah, seriously. That just should NOT happen!

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