Go Canucks…


I don’t usually write a post about the Canucks in fear that I might jinx them… but I had to post this pic, because it is just too cute. He actually watches parts of the games too!  Personally I think it’s the dark uniforms on a white background that catches his attention… and the cheering crowd… but hey, maybe at two months old… he has realized that hockey rules.  It’s possible… isn’t it?  😀

The playoffs are in full swing and I am hoping that Vancouver will take out Dallas tonight. I have really gotten into the playoff’s this year. Don’t get me wrong… I have always been a Canucks fan… but I have been watching all the other teams games as well. While watching a Pittsburgh/Ottawa game the other night I heard the commentator say something about how Pittsburgh had limited the sale of tickets to the game to only the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh in the attempt to rule out any Ottawa fans that may try to get tickets. How the hell is that possible? I didn’t think they could do that… but I guess they can. I have nothing against Pittsburgh or the Penguins but that seems a little “unsportsmanlike” if you ask me.



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