The Loop & Swap

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada…. it was Victoria Day. We drove to Kamloops and spent the weekend there. Neil, my bf, has a couple of friends who live there so we were able to stay with them. They have two kids…. Kayla and Austin, who seemed to be fascinated with Lukas… our little son.



We also went to Shuswap Lake. Neil’s friends parents have a house there, so we spent Saturday night on the Shuswap. It’s so nice there! The houses are cheap. A lot cheaper than here in the lower mainland.


The only bad part of the whole trip was seeing the devastation that Mountain Pine Beetle has created. There are so many dead trees…. it’s really a serious problem. When we were first driving into town we could see all the trees that had turned a red/orange colour… my first thought was that they must be affected by the beetle…. and sure enough. It’s quite sad.

We are thinking of possibly moving to Kamloops in the future. The real estate prices are far cheaper than anything you could find here in Vancouver. Maybe one day I will actually have the pleasure of owning my own home!


3 Responses to “The Loop & Swap”

  1. Kamloops IS great place to live. We moved here two years ago from Abby and, although the first year was hard, now we cannot even think about going back to the Lower Mainland.
    But the prices are rising quickyl here, too. We bought for 228G 24 months ago. This past month, we got an offer for 330G
    Good luck

  2. @ Chris
    I guess if we are going to move, we better do it soon! 😀 I guess it all depends on what part of town we would be looking at too.
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Kamlooops, eh? Huh.. I never even thought about it… Kelowna is still ridiculous but now Kamloops.. that could be an idea… close to the Shuswap for a cabin too!

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