A Dumpsterless Vancouver?

There has been talk in Vancouver lately about removing the dumpsters that line the city’s alleyway’s in an attempt to beautify and clean up the city. Local businesses are on board with the idea claiming it would create a crime free environment. The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association found that the majority of dumpsters in Vancouver were vandalized, filthy and filled with needles.

Hmmm… lets think about that for a moment. Don’t you think the City of Vancouver has far more pressing issues to be dealing with right now than the removal of dumpsters from the alleyway’s? How about the situation of the Downtown Eastside and the people who inhabit that area on a daily basis? What will happen to them? Where does the DVBIA think all these needles will end up? Will they just disappear? I think not. Take a browse at Matthew Good’s view of the area… a area in which he lives. People suffering from mental illnesses, unable to “legally” treat their illness and forced out on the street to fend for themselves. What will happen to the people who rely on these dumpsters to earn a living and find a meal. As “gross” as that may sound to some… that is reality. I am sure that Mr Sam Sullivan has more important things to be thinking about… and if you ask him…. he would probably end up saying…. ummm “The Olympics”?


3 Responses to “A Dumpsterless Vancouver?”

  1. whatusernameisnttaken Says:

    Actually, I’m a little afraid to see how the city will attempt to hide ‘cracktown’ from the tourists during the Olympics… have you heard any ‘plans’, thus far?

  2. I know there has been talk of building more “low income housing” but I don’t think that it will be ready in time for 2010. I have not heard any mention of cleaning up the area in time for 2010. So they are probably just going to try to brush the area under the rug like they always do. You know….. just try to keep people from going into that area of town. Kind of like they do right now… when the cruise ship season starts.

    It’s pretty sad.

  3. I could imagine walls being errected – like the ones they put up around constructions sites, but without the peepholes to look in. Make it appear as just another construction project…

    It’s disappointing to see so much money being in an attempt make the city LOOK better … that money invested could make the city ACTUALLY better.

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