I Don’t Find That Funny……

A young Vancouver couple placed an ad on Craigslist, trying to sell their 7 day old baby for $10,000. A woman living in Maple Ridge saw the ad and phoned police to give them the cell phone number that was placed in the ad. When police finally showed up at the apartment the couple claimed that they had place the ad as “a hoax”.

I don’t find placing an ad on Craiglist to sell your young baby for $10,000 very funny…. do you? Luckily the child has now been taken away from the couple. Imagine growing up to find out that your parent once posted an ad on an online garage sale type website trying to sell your ass.

The police also mentioned that the parents are known to have addiction problems. Making the whole story of it being “just a hoax” even more unbelievable.

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