The Kurt Cobain Murder

With the 16th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain coming up on April 5th I thought I would write a post on the subject…..

Having been a fan of Nirvana since the early 90’s, the question of Kurt Cobain’s death, whether you believe suicide or murder, has always been something that I have thought about over the years. I had always thought that he had never just committed suicide, that something more had happened. I also did not necessarily just assume that Courtney Love had killed him… but I had always thought that she had something to do with his death.

In September 2009 I went to Seattle, Washington with my sister.  we went to a Pearl Jam concert just outside of Portland, Oregon and then headed to Seattle the following day to walk around the city and see the “sights”.   We also traveled to the area of Madrona, Seattle to try to find Viretta Park. Viretta park is located right beside Kurt Cobain’s former house, where his death took place. It also acts an “unofficial” memorial to Kurt with the park benches decorated with notes from fans who leave flowers and other mementos behind.  There are reports that Kurt used to frequent the park and there is a report from one of Kurt’s neighbours that she saw Kurt in the park, sitting on the park bench on the morning of April 3rd, just hours or days before his death (depending on when you believe Kurt actually died). We never did end up finding Viretta Park during that Sept 09′ trip, as the area is a little confusing and without actually researching the area and getting directions, it was difficult to find.  In march of 2010 I had a trip to Seattle already planned.  I was heading there for a Matthew Good concert and figured I would do some online research of Viretta Park and surrounding the area and planned on finding the park and Kurt’s house.  I printed off maps & directions and was looking forward to paying Kurt a visit. I also did a lot of research on his death. I came across investigator Tom Grant’s website Tom Grant is a private investigator who Courtney Love hired in the last few days of Kurt’s life to track down her supposed ” heroin junkie husband who was on a suicidal rampage and who had just bought a gun”.

Anyone wondering what happened to Kurt Cobain, Nirvana fans, people interested in crimes that have not been properly investigated by police or just anyone who wants to hear the truth about events that took place in the last few months of Kurt’s life should visit Tom Grant’s site and read the facts that he has uncovered.

Traveling to Seattle after reading the details of Tom Grant’s investigation, visiting Viretta Park and the house at 171 lake Washington Blvd east really put things into perspective for me.  As I drove through the outskirts of Seattle towards the area of Madrona, I tried to imagine what the park would be like.  I had wondered for days.  Was it heavily wooded?  Would I run into anyone there?  Would I be freaked out going there?  As I followed my directions I eventually ended up at 39th Ave East and East John Street, the entrance to Viretta Park, I was about to find out.  I parked my car at the side of the road and started to walk towards the park entrance.  As you enter the park (at the upper portion) it appears as if you are about to trespass onto some wealthy persons front lawn.  The Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz used to live at the house at the top of Viretta Park.   Off to the left of the Schultz driveway is a staircase, a very steep staircase, that heads down into the lower portion of Viretta Park.  As you travel down the steep staircase and look off to your left, there is Kurt’s former house and the area in which the greenhouse used to stand, where Kurt’s body was found on the morning of April 8th, 1994.  Courtney Love had the greenhouse torn down after Kurt’s death.  Once at the bottom of the stairs, the park opens up a bit and there, to the left, is Kurt’s bench.  While I was at the park there was also another Nirvana fan there, writing a message to Kurt on the bench and leaving some flowers and a drawing for him.  I spoke to him briefly, he was from Japan.  He had me take a few photos of him and Kurt’s bench with his camera and asked if he could take a picture of me, so that he could remember another fan who he met there.  It was nice to meet another Nirvana fan there.

At first, walking up to the bench, seeing all the messages left for Kurt on the bench, having read all the details on on the events that took place within the last few months of Kurt’s life… it all just kind of hit me.  It was really sad.  I felt sad and felt that this was so unfair, for Kurt.  I shed a few tears while at the park and really wanted to find out more about what to do to try to get this case reopened.

A month before Kurt Cobain died, he suffered from an overdose in Rome.  After reading the facts that Tom Grant provides at, there is no doubt in my mind that Kurt’s “Rome Incident” was 100% a murder attempt on him by Courtney Love and Michael “Cali” DeWitt, Courtney’s long time friend and live in nanny.  Courtney Love has planted so many stories in the press, has put Kurt in such a negative light, during his life and after his death, making his drug usage out to be more than what it actually was.  She was the junkie in the relationship.  She was the one who was telling the press that Kurt was a junkie and trying to drag his name through the mud, attempting to make him seem like a suicidal junkie.  There are many reports of people who knew Kurt and other musicians who toured with Nirvana that said that in the last year of his life Kurt was clean and was happy.  He planned on leaving Courtney love, who was cheating on him with Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins.  Kurt was having a lawyer draw up a new will, excluding Courtney form it and was planning on leaving the music business.  Courtney Love had motive to have Kurt killed.   It’s like she had his death planned for months.

Something needs to be done to reopen this case.  The Seattle Police Department started investigating Kurt’s death as a suicide right from the start, because that is what it “appeared” to be.  Courtney Love was friends with one of the detective’s assigned to the case, along with the medical examiner.  The police basically took whatever Courtney had to say about Kurt’s death and believed every word without giving his death a proper investigation.  Just because something looks a certain way, doesn’t mean it necessarily is that way.   Courtney Love planted a false missing person’s report on Kurt, claiming to be Kurt’s mother and claiming that Kurt was on heroin, had a gun and was suicidal.  It was Courtney that planted the idea that Kurt was suicidal in the minds of the police.  She then hired private investigator Tom Grant to help “find her missing suicidal husband” but then did everything in her power to prevent Mr. Grant from actually finding out where Kurt was.

There have been a few websites that have been created to spread the word on what actually happened in March and April of 1994 and to try to get this case reopened.  I really wish I would have researched Kurt’s death a long time ago.  A lot of information has been lost, websites shut down, articles that are hard to find.  But there are still a few sites out there with a ton of information from people who are dedicated to bringing some justice to Kurt Cobain.

To find out more information on the circumstances surrounding Kurt’s death, you can visit the following sites……..

Private Investigators Tom Grant’s site

Justice For Kurt site

The Death of Kurt Cobain

Frances Barnett’s      In Defence of Kurt Cobain this is one of the websites that has since shut down but a lot of information from the site was archived at  “The Death of Kurt Cobain” website

You may think “who Cares”.  This death happened 16 years ago…. get over it.  BUT Kurt’s death was not properly investigated.  There is so much information and facts that investigator Tom Grant has uncovered that shows that Kurt’s death was something more than just a suicide.  Everyone deserves justice.   If something like this happened to you or one of your family member or friends, I am sure you would want the police department to do a proper investigation and to rule out all possibilities before making a ruling.  The Seattle Police Department DID NOT do this in Kurt’s case.  At the very least this case needs to be reopened and Kurt’s death declared as “Undetermined”.

So what can we do?  Well that might just be the hard part.  We have a police department who has dealt with this very high profile death, who made assumptions on what had taken place and now probably doesn’t want to admit they were wrong.  The best thing we can do is to write to the Interim Chief John Diaz at the Seattle Police Department and ask for them to reopen this case.  Please send letters to….

Chief John Diaz

Seattle Police Department

PO Box 34986
Seattle, WA 98124-4986


You can also bring awareness to this case by reviewing the facts and information on Tom Grant’s website and telling friends, family, co-workers or anyone about the events of this case and how badly this case was investigated.  Hopefully one day Kurt will finally receive the justice that he deserves.

This April 5th (the date that the coroner placed Kurt’s death) I am heading to Viretta Park to pay a visit to Kurt.  I know that in the past years fans have gone to the park on April 5th for a memorial for Kurt.  I have searched the internet,trying to find information on any type of meeting happening this year but can’t find any information on anything.

SO… if you have any info on a time that people will be  meeting up..please leave a comment and let me know.  I am heading to the park on April 5th regardless if anyone else is planning on attending… so I will be there… somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2pm.  If your in Seattle and a fan of Kurt and would like to stop by Viretta Park on April 5th for a memorial to Kurt…. I would love to meet up with you  🙂


8 Responses to “The Kurt Cobain Murder”

  1. hiya.. am glad to hear more people from around the world still keeping this alive and keeping the facts stright sirrounding Kurts murder.
    its hard to get people to listen and learn the facts of what Tom Grant have found out and published in hopeing to get this case reopened. i really hope something happening in hopeing to get the case reopened. i know Tom Grant is doing something called Unplugged which hes slowy releasling on the net but only 2 clip have only been released, still waitiing for 8 more of the project.

    i may write a letter to that address that you posted but i doubt like you and me believe if he listens to any fan if they havent listened Tom Grant. i wish……

    we keep going


  2. I stumbled upon this from the M+ area…I enjoyed this read a lot and think it’s really cool you checked out Viretta park. Although, having read a lot about Cobain’s life (and I mean, a LOT), I really disagree with much of what you’ve stated here. Courtney was dating Corgan before she even met Kurt. There’s nothing at all that suggests she was involved with him at the time of Kurt’s death. And yes, while it’s true Courtney was twisted individual and a junkie as well, Kurt was every bit as much a junkie (and I’m not saying that in a disrespectful way, it’s the truth, he used to talk about spending $400 on a heroin a day). Courtney didn’t “portray” him as one to the media, he did that on his own.

    Why do you think she was behind the incident in Rome? Kurt took 60 rohypnols and drank a bottle of wine. Courtney didn’t just “slip” him the wrong medication, and even if she did, you don’t take 60 of ANYTHING without wanting to seriously mangle yourself. Sounds like a death wish to me. Everybody around Kurt said that after the Rome incident he wasn’t all there, and wasn’t exactly himself.

    People say Kurt wasn’t suicidal, the truth is Kurt suffered from major depression since he was a kid. He was quoted as saying to a friend of his, while walking home at the age of 13 “I plan on becoming a famous rock star and then killing myself in a blaze of glory”

    In fact, pretty much everything pointed to him being a manic depressive with suicidal tendencies.

    Further to that, Kurt is an artist at heart. He may have said he was going to call it a day with music but at the end of the day if he hadn’t of died do you really think he would have just “hung it up” and quit the music business? I highly doubt it. It was what he bled for.

    It should also be noted that at the time of Kurt’s death, he was pretty much piss broke.

    I’m not saying either one of us is right or wrong, just saying that there’s a LOT of info out there that doesn’t get considered when people accuse Courtney Love of being his “killer”. I feel like a lot of people read one or two websites about Kurt (namely the ones you posted) and jump to quick conclusions without getting the rest of the facts.

    Just like a documentary, those sites are biased and trying to prove a point, facts are distorted. And at the end of the day, there’s two sides to every story. Sadly we’ll never get to hear Kurt’s side.

    Anyway, just some food for thought 🙂


  3. Hi Sagar… thanks for the visit and the comment!

    I have really done a lot of research on Kurt’s death and the months leading up to it. There were a few points in your comment that I wanted to comment on….

    There are reports that Courtney Love was cheating on Kurt Cobain with Billy Corgan. There are also reports that she was with him in the UK at the time Kurt had arrived in Rome, and then left to fly to Rome to be with Kurt. She then started dating him almost immediately after Kurt died… (I think within a week)

    Sure, Kurt was into heroin. He had MAJOR stomach issue’s that tormented him for the majority of his life. He used heroin to combat the constant pain that he was in, as he could not find any other remedy. Eventually, I believe in 1993 he did find a medication that significantly helped his stomach issues and he started to clean up a bit from the heroin. Friends of his were saying that in the last few months of Kurt’s life they had never seen him look better and that he was happy and clean.

    The reason why I believe that Courtney Love and “Cali” Dewitt were involved in the Rome incident is because 1) the Rohypnol was Courtney Love’s prescription 2) Kurt was not known to drink alcohol or take Rohypnol 3) he wrote a letter in Rome to Courtney Love stating that he was leaving and wanted a divorce 4) just hours before Courteny Love flew to Rome she was interviewed by Select Magazine and the reporter stated that there was a box Rohypnol on the table in her hotel room and that she was popping Rohypnol during the interview 5) Rohypnol is tasteless when dissolved in drink, that is why it is called the date-rape drug. One tablet in a drink is enough to confuse and disorientate a person. 6) Kurt had a bloody nose when found. Why was his nose bloody? When a person is forcefully administered liquid (and or pills and liquid), their noses are pinched to force them to gulp air/liquid to breathe 7) Courtney has reported numerous times she woke up between 3-4 in the morning and found Kurt unconscious, with blood coming from his nose. He had a wad of cash in one hand, and a note he had written in the other. BUT an ambulance was not called until 6:30 am. Why was an ambulance not called for 2 hours or more? Maybe she wanted to make sure he was actually dead before calling for help. Why was she also photographed in the ambulance with full makeup on? Wouldn’t a woman who “loved’ her man who had apparently just tried to “kill” himself, not care what she looked like when the press and ambulance arrived? Why the makeup? And who called the press? Wouldn’t she have woke up, saw him lying lifeless and called 911 or ambulance? 8) Dr Galletta, the Dr who examined Kurt in Rome claimed that Kurt had denied that it was a suicide attempt and issued a statement saying that Kurt did not know what happened to him and that he had not gained complete control of his memory. The Dr also reported seeing Kurt playing with his daughter, before heading back to the US, saying That Kurt did not seem like a man who wanted to kill himself. 9) Kurt himself had always stated that Rome was never a suicide attempt 10) close friends of Kurt’s said that they never knew that Rome was a suicide attempt, that idea never came into light until AFTER Kurt had apparently “killed himself’ 11) When Kurt returned home from Rome he contacted his lawyer wanting to remove Courtney from his will. He wanted a divorce. More proof that he was trying to get away from Courtney.

    I truly think that Kurt was an amazing artist and that he loved creating music. What I don’t think he liked was all the demands and stresses that came along with it. When he purchased the shotgun he had stated that he feared for his safety. He had just canceled a major tour and he had also stated that there had been some intruders at his house. Everyone painted him as a depressed troubled soul, he always seemed to get portrayed as some sort of manic depressive who hated everything, This is not true. He loved is daughter and in the last year of his life he seemed to be cleaning up and getting his shit together.
    As for Courtney Love being his killer, I never said that. I definitely think that she had something to do with it. With Kurt leaving her and with there being a prenuptial agreement, Courtney stood to inherent none of Kurt’s money. With Kurt dying, with no signed will in place (something he was trying to accomplish in the last few weeks of his life) she stood to inherent everything. I don’t believe that Kurt was “piss poor” at the time of his death.
    I have no reason to disbelieve the facts that investigator Tom Grant has reported. He, being an ex police detective and a P.I at the time of Kurt’s death was hired by Courtney Love, herself, trying to track down her “suicidal junkie husband”. Tom Grant was hired within the last week of Kurt life, by Courtney Love and witnessed events that just did not make sense and did not add up.
    The Seattle police department did not investigate this case properly. EVEN IF Kurt did commit suicide, there have been investigators from other states & precincts that have stated it is “Textbook”…… if a death appears to be a suicide, the victim gets the benefit of the doubt, and a death is not ruled suicide until a ruling of homicide is ruled out. The SPD did not do this in Kurt’s case. The SPD were writing police reports declaring Kurt’s death a suicide almost immediately. This based on the fact that Courtney Love had planted a “false missing person’s report’ claiming to be Kurt’s mom… stating that Kurt was a heroin addict, suicidal and had a gun. She had also called the police on a separate incident before Kurt’s death, claiming that he was suicidal, locked inside a room with a gun and was going to kill himself. When police arrived at their Lake Washington home, police found Kurt locked inside a room, NO guns were present and Kurt was claiming that he was trying to get away from Courtney, was not suicidal and did not want to hurt himself.
    The only thing that investigator Tom Grant (and myself {for that matter}) want is for the case to be reopened and for Kurt’s death to be ruled “undetermined”. There are far too many instances that do not add up. Courtney Love was friends with the medical examiner who performed Kurt autopsy and she was also friends with detectives who worked on the case. The SPD simply took her word for what happened, which should not have happened. When someone is found dead, people in that person’s life should be looked at as possible suspects especially when that person is subject to inherent millions of dollars, despite of a prenup agreement. Now in current times, Courtney Love is claiming that money has been “stolen” form her and that money that was to be left for Frances, Kurt and Courtney’s daughter is now missing. She has also lost custody of her daughter. Frances turns 18 this year. It will be interesting to see what happens when she does turn 18…. When Kurt died, she was left millions…. Will she see any of it?

    Anyway… I could go on and on… lol! I don’t mean to force my opinion on you… BUT I really feel that there are just way too many weird instances that took place within the last few months of Kurt’s life. I don’t think that he was truly suicidal. I didn’t know him personally, and YES he did, in the past talk about “blowing his head off” but just because someone in the past has stated that he wanted to blow his head off, doesn’t mean that he actually did it. If someone who was “out there” who was blunt and raw and forceful, managed to meet this poetic, picked on, sensitive person, get pregnant and be overshadowed, because she was a person who always wanted to be noticed, who loved attention and the press and wanted so desperately to be famous, married this person and then found out that he all he wanted to do was to get away from her, he wanted a divorce. There is no signed will. There is a prenup. He is labeled as a suicidal junkie, a heroin addict, a manic depressive who hates life and just can’t wait to die. The only flaw is that she hired a thorough private investigator who thought things weren’t right and who documented events and taped all conversations that he had with Courtney Love. There are friends of Kurt’s who state that he was not suicidal. He was happy, he looked great he wanted a divorce and was planning a new life.

    Anyway, not going to go on…… there is far to much to cover…… this case does NEED to be reopened. Not to put Courtney away, but to investigate this case properly. I have been to Viretta Park 4 times now. And I am heading back on May 23rd, 2010. In the Seattle area? Fan of Kurt? Come hook up!!! We’ll be there, hopefully around 2pm!!
    Take care!!!

  4. Lucero :* Says:

    Hola, !
    En verda me gusto mucho todo lo que dises y me agrada saber que quieras justicia por kurt al igual que nosotros los fans, y wow la verdad me sacastes de varias dudas. En mi opinion de la muerte de kurt para mi es mas que obio que fue courtney love!! y me da tanto corae que siga como si nada hubiera pasado . ;( Hay otra cosa que me intriga qe tengo muchas dudas y que no entiendo es cuando Kurt cobain llamo a no recuerdo como se llama pero ella escribia un libro de kurt y courtney entonses kurt la llamo por telefono y le dijo que cualquier cosa que aparesca de su esposa osea courtney en ese libro iba hacer que desaparesca del mapa y que nunca en su vida habia hablado tan encerio que estaba arto, ! La verdad me agradaria saber mas de lo que yase espero que sigas escribiendo y recuerda que es mejor quemarse que apagarse lentamente =) besos!! ❤

  5. Hi Taraden. 🙂 If all these are painful to us, what more to Kurt’s beloved angel, Frances Bean? She’s been abandoned by her father at an early age, and her mother has lost of her custody many times. I think Frances also gets deeply hurt when people think that her own mother has something to do with the *murder* of her father. But don’t get me wrong, I am not a pro-Courtney, nor an anti-Courtney. I just think pointing fingers is no help Frances, the person who Kurt has strived to live for. But I really do hope that if Kurt was really murdered, that his case be reopened, for everyone really deserves justice.

    BTW, how’s your trip to Viretta? 🙂

  6. Baaaaah! I wish I could also visit 171 Lake Washington or Viretta Park someday. 😦

  7. Um, WOW! Glad to have stumbled upon your awesome ah, blog/post. I absolutely, 100% agree with your entire post. I’m so glad there are others who have found Tom’s amazing site and are standing behind what he’s trying to do. I hope that one day this case will be reopened and Kurt will get the justice he deserves.

    I would love to chat with a fellow Kurt fan about this, please feel free to e-mail me sometime! (Write Kurt Cobain Murder in the subject like or sthing to that effect so I know it isn’t spam 😉 )

  8. @ Kim Reyes… thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. My trip to Viretta was a little surreal, but something that I will do many times again. I was very happy to see many of Kurt’s fans at Viretta Park on the April 5th anniversary. There were a few who brought guitars and were playing music and many brought flowers and candles. I even met a girl there from San Diego!! She had flown all the way to Seattle just to be at Viretta Park for April 5th! Very cool! I will be at the next anniversary too… April 5th, 2011.

    @Ashley…. thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment. I am also glad that there are others out there trying to spread the word! Tom grant is amazing, and he has done so much great work to bring the facts he has uncovered to the public’s attention! Nice to hear from another Kurt fan… I will definately send you an email in the next few days!!

    Tom Grant has an update on his site so I thought I would leave a link here………

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