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When Cats Fly….

Posted in Animals, Home, Life, Ramblings, Random Thoughts on December 11, 2006 by taraden


This weekend my cat… Mister Kitty decided that he was going to take up base jumping… and perform a base jump off the back patio.  Normally we let him go out there to get some fresh air, as he is strictly an indoor cat.  There is a railing around the balcony which in the past few weeks, he found out that he could jump up on… and sit on the ledge and get a better view of the world outside.  Right before he made his little dare devil move, I had been out on the patio giving him some love {pets}…. as I had heard him meowing a few moments earlier.  {normally… Mister is not a very vocal cat.  The odd meow here or there… but that’s about it.}  I had figured that one of the neighbourhood cats must have been lurking about, as to the reason why he was meowing.  I went back inside the house…. and a few minutes later we heard a noise like he had fallen {claws scratching down the railing… as if in a falling motion.}  I said to my bf… “he did not just fall off the balcony… did he?”  So I went out to check and sure enough… he was no where to be found.  Now…. the time was after 5:00 pm… which here in the Pacific Standard Timezone  means at this time of year it is now dark outside.  My cat is black.  Eventually we did end up finding him, but it did take a little while.  And while he is okay, sadly there will be no more balcony for Mister Kitty.


Deer Made Target His Target…

Posted in Animals, Funny Stuff, Nature on November 9, 2006 by taraden

In Iowa, a deer similar to this one….

made its way into a Target department store through an automatic door. The deer ran through the store for nearly 20 minutes with employee’s chasing it, I assume to try to capture it, but seriously…. how did they think they were going to do that? The deer managed to escape the same way that it managed to get into the store…. through an open door.

I found this story to be quite funny. When we were in Vegas a few weeks ago, the Flamingo Hotel where we stayed had this tropical garden that the hotel kind of wraps around. In the garden they have all sorts of birds, fish, and turtles…. but there were these pheasants that we super quick on their feet and would run down the pathways that lead through the garden. A few times we saw them trying to get into the hotel…. standing by the door waiting for people to come out so that they could sneak in. I wondered if any of them had ever made it inside and how hard it would be to catch one! This story definatly reminded me of that!

Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

Posted in Animals, Funny Stuff, Observations, Ramblings, Random Thoughts on November 1, 2006 by taraden

Alright…. what the fuck is up with thisI saw a commercial this morning for a local pet supply chain, advertising a very similar product.  It is supposed to be for when your pet is too “tired” to continue it’s walk, or for older animals or animals with disabilities.  As the advertisement in the link above clearly states….

Most pet owners would agree that pets should have fresh air on a daily basis.  For some pets, age or illness may prevent them from getting around on their own.

Okay?!?  I really do not know who would purchase such an item and be seen carting their animal around in it.  Yes, I would have to agree that animals do need fresh air everyday, but do they really need a doggy stroller?  If they are disabled or are older they can still get fresh air without having to overexert themselves.  Yet…. there are still people out there in the world who are probably ecstatic about the nifty little purchase of their very own doggy stroller.  Give me a break!  I wouldn’t be caught dead pushing my animal around in one of these things.

Some Just Don’t Get It….

Posted in Animals, Life, Nature on October 16, 2006 by taraden

A woman in Port Moody….a city not very far from where I live, was attacked and bitten by a bear in the last few days.   It happened at night…while she was on her way to take her dog for a walk.  The bear…which happened to be a mother bear, with three cubs that were off hiding in some bushes, was digging through some garbage, obviously in search of an easy meal.  The womans dog was alerted by the bear’s presence and started to defend itself…..which resulted in the bear attacking the dog.  The woman was merely trying to break up the fight….and as a result she was bit by the bear on the leg. 

And while I understand that this ordeal must have been very scary and tramatic for this woman and her dog…I can’t help but feel sorry for this bear and her cubs.  If not for the carelessness of the people whom insist on leaving their garbage out over night, in an area known to inhabit bears….it is really no fault but their own that things like this happen.  Wildlife consevation officers are now on the hunt for the mother bear and her cubs… which will most likely be killed.  I just don’t understand why people do not listen to the warnings. 

The Death of the Crocodile Hunter….

Posted in Animals on September 5, 2006 by taraden


Steve Irwin, the man known best as The Crocodile Hunter died yesterday after being stung by a stingray, while filming a scene for a wildlife series.  He will be remembered as an enthusiastic wildlife conservationist. 

Ikea Catalogue Controversy…..

Posted in Animals, Funny Stuff, Glitches on August 31, 2006 by taraden

I overheard the ladies whom I work with discussing this story….

The new 2007 Ikea catalogue contains a picture on the inside of the cover that has some people in an uproar, and has apparently has made the store pull the catalogue’s from it’s shelves. On the inside cover…which folds out….there is a picture of a family lounging around on a sofa type bed with their family pet…a dog…which seems to have a large erect male sexual organ. I have found an example of this photo on Google but it is quite small and kind of hard to see. If you happen to have one of the new Ikea catalogues laying around…open it up..have a look. See what you think.

China’s Way Of Dealing With Rabies….

Posted in Animals, Crime, Life, Personal, Politics, World on August 3, 2006 by taraden

I was thoroughly disgusted when I opened the newspaper yesterday and came across this story….


In Shanghai China 50,000 dogs were beaten to death in an government ordered campaign to try to stop the spread of the Rabies disease.  The only dogs that were spared in this attack were military dogs and police canine units (go figure).  Dogs that were being walked by their owners were taken from them and beaten to death, right there….in front of them. 

The last I heard….there is a RABIES VACCINE!!  In fact, my cat, Mister Kitty, just had his Rabies shot last month.  What the hell is wrong with these people?  Why not combat this disease in a safe and humaine way?

Government officials have defended the slaughter of these animals by saying “with the aim to keep this horrible disease from people, we decided to kill the dogs.”

I dont give a shit what they say….this was a completely disgusting and ruthless way of dealing with this problem.  PETA, an animal rights group has asked that people boycott any products from China.  I can’t help but think that with a little planning, a little compasion and some vaccinations…they would have never had to resort to this kind of meaningless violence against these animals.  What is this world coming to?