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The Loop & Swap

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This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada…. it was Victoria Day. We drove to Kamloops and spent the weekend there. Neil, my bf, has a couple of friends who live there so we were able to stay with them. They have two kids…. Kayla and Austin, who seemed to be fascinated with Lukas… our little son.



We also went to Shuswap Lake. Neil’s friends parents have a house there, so we spent Saturday night on the Shuswap. It’s so nice there! The houses are cheap. A lot cheaper than here in the lower mainland.


The only bad part of the whole trip was seeing the devastation that Mountain Pine Beetle has created. There are so many dead trees…. it’s really a serious problem. When we were first driving into town we could see all the trees that had turned a red/orange colour… my first thought was that they must be affected by the beetle…. and sure enough. It’s quite sad.

We are thinking of possibly moving to Kamloops in the future. The real estate prices are far cheaper than anything you could find here in Vancouver. Maybe one day I will actually have the pleasure of owning my own home!


Only In America?

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Why does this not surprise me?

A ten month old baby now has a firearm ownership identification card and a big old gun to go along with it. And the parents and grand parents think it’s “cute.”  What the fuck is this world coming to?

Disfunction At It’s Very Finest….

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My daughter and I have been involved with the PCRMRA (Port Coquitlam Ridge Meadows Ringette Association) for about three years. My daughter, has been registered on a Ringette team, with the association, during that time and really has become quite a good player. I like the fact that she has a sport that she enjoys playing, and that I can afford to pay for…. seeing as how I am a single mother to her, and that her father does not contribute to any aspect of her life.

I have had a few problems this year with the “treasurer” of the association. She is the one who handles the registration fee’s and the associations monies. She has made a few mistakes with my daughter registration so far this year, but recently I figured that everything was now going to go smoothly and that she had finally gotten her shit together. Well apparently I was wrong. I get a message on my voicemail from my daughter’s coach saying that come Monday, she will no longer be able to participate in Ringette, if her registration is not paid. There is no money alloted to her registration, what-so-ever. Seriously, is this “treasurer” woman smoking some crack or what? I have clearly paid the registration, as a quick online banking search of my account shows the full payment coming out of my account in the middle of November 2006.

It really never fails you know. Me… dealing with an organization, or a big corporation…. some way, somehow, something will go wrong. I always seems to end up dealing with people who don’t know what the fuck they are doing. I don’t understand it. Why me? Why ALWAYS me? I am now getting to the point that I expect things to go wrong, when having to deal with anyone. That way, when they things do go wrong, maybe I won’t get so fucking pissed off that this organization or company decided to assign tasks to complete and utter morons. Great way to have to think….. don’t you think?

Almost The End Of One Of My Favorite Sites…..

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Pretty much every day I visit Matthew Good’s site.  Yesterday, was no exception.  But to my surprise… when I clicked on the link in my “blogroll”  I came to a screen explaining that his site had been hacked and everything had been lost.  Fortunately he was able to retrieve some of the content.  And enjoyed reading and completely agree with  Sonny’s thoughts  on the whole matter.  I don’t understand why some have complete disregard and utter lack of respect towards other people.  It is simply unfuckingbelievable! 

Rogers…. Fido…. It Doesn’t Seem To Matter Which Service I Use….

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I have got to have the worst luck in the world when dealing with cell phone companies.  I don’t know what it is, but if something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong with my account…. or if they decided they are going to be a complete a  dick to one of their customers, that customer {you guessed it} would be me.

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Theme Tuesday!!! Latest WP News…..

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So the fabulous team at WordPress have unleashed some new themes this Tuesday… of course being Emire. I have been waiting for this theme for awhile. So….why on regulus still, you ask? Well, I just went to change my current theme to Emire…I had it all switched and ready to go….when suddenly I realized…..on older posts….things like comments and categories (ones that you have marked the particular post with) do not show up on the main page. Sigh! You have to click on the post to actually be able to see any sign of any comments. This is no good! I like being able to scroll down a blogs home page, look at the posts…then see how many comments have been left…if I am interested in the post, and feel like commenting or want to read the rest of the post, I then click on the post and comment away. With this theme you can not tell if anyone has commented, or the categories, the only thing that shows any type of description or individuality would be the title and the date. 😥

Well, They’ve Managed To Do It Again…….

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I have come to my wits end with Vancity.  Not only have I been having problems with them taking my insurance payments out of my account on the correct date, they have now processed a post-dated cheque that I wrote, 5 days before the date that was written on the cheque.

A lady who I work with had an  Epicure  party last Monday.  I ordered a few things at the party, like $40 worth of products, and wrote a cheque, post dated until May 15, for when I get paid.  Well I happened to log in to my bank account last night and realized that the bank had processed the cheque on May 10, even though the date writen on the cheque was clearly written for May 15.  They have also applied a nsf fee to my account, as the money was not in that account…because I was not expecting anything to be getting taken out on May 10.

I  called Vancity yesterday, but because my branch was not open at the time I called, I was told that nothing could be done until Monday, and that I would have to call my branch directly.  I don't know what the hell is going on with that bank, but ever since March…..I have had nothing but problems.  It has come to the point now where I am going to open a new account elsewhere and once all my direct deposits start to go into my new account…..I will close the Vancity one.  They obviously can't seem to keep track of dates and clearly do not give a shit about their customers.