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Disfunction At It’s Very Finest….

Posted in Bugs, Funny Stuff, Glitches, Life, Me, Observations, Personal, Ramblings, Random Thoughts, Rants, Technology on January 13, 2007 by taraden

My daughter and I have been involved with the PCRMRA (Port Coquitlam Ridge Meadows Ringette Association) for about three years. My daughter, has been registered on a Ringette team, with the association, during that time and really has become quite a good player. I like the fact that she has a sport that she enjoys playing, and that I can afford to pay for…. seeing as how I am a single mother to her, and that her father does not contribute to any aspect of her life.

I have had a few problems this year with the “treasurer” of the association. She is the one who handles the registration fee’s and the associations monies. She has made a few mistakes with my daughter registration so far this year, but recently I figured that everything was now going to go smoothly and that she had finally gotten her shit together. Well apparently I was wrong. I get a message on my voicemail from my daughter’s coach saying that come Monday, she will no longer be able to participate in Ringette, if her registration is not paid. There is no money alloted to her registration, what-so-ever. Seriously, is this “treasurer” woman smoking some crack or what? I have clearly paid the registration, as a quick online banking search of my account shows the full payment coming out of my account in the middle of November 2006.

It really never fails you know. Me… dealing with an organization, or a big corporation…. some way, somehow, something will go wrong. I always seems to end up dealing with people who don’t know what the fuck they are doing. I don’t understand it. Why me? Why ALWAYS me? I am now getting to the point that I expect things to go wrong, when having to deal with anyone. That way, when they things do go wrong, maybe I won’t get so fucking pissed off that this organization or company decided to assign tasks to complete and utter morons. Great way to have to think….. don’t you think?


One More Day…

Posted in Observations, Ramblings, Random Thoughts, Technology, Work on January 9, 2007 by taraden

Tomorrow is my last day at work.  I will be going on a one year maternity leave… that is of course if we can afford for me to be off for a whole year.  I imagine the next few weeks will be a little strange… not having to get up and make my way to work in the morning will take some getting used to. 

On the subject of employment…. today while watching the morning news… there was a segment on the Fortune magazines top employer of the year… which turns out to be Google.  With some of the benefits offered to employee’s… it is not hard to figure out how they won the title.  Some of them include….

  • Free on site laundry services for employee’s
  • On site dentist and doctor
  • Child care provided to employee’s
  • Gourmet food provided at no cost to employee’s
  • a bring your dog to work policy
  • along with many others

Sounds like a wonderful place to work!! 

I Feel Your Pain….

Posted in Funny Stuff, Life, Observations, Personal, Ramblings, Random Thoughts, Technology, Youth on December 8, 2006 by taraden

I have a feeling that with my daughter being 14 years old this may just be how our home PC is feeling right about now….

I gotta get me a Mac.

My Adventures With City Fido And Craig’s List…

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In the past I have had major problems with cell phone companies.  Fido being one of those companies.  Recently, my bf and I got my daughter a new phone with a plan through Rogers, leaving me stuck with this Fido plan that did not expire until February of 2007.  I had three choices… either buy out the contract, use the plan myself, or find someone else who wanted to take it over.

Yesterday, I was looking around Craig’s List (which is sort of like an online flea market) and saw that there were numerous City Fido plans that were up for sale.  The average price for a plan listed on the site was about $600.  I decided to post an ad, asking for a mere $200.  I really just wanted to get rid of the stupid plan which, after this bill that I just paid, I would be paying monthly for something that no one was even using.  If anyone out there reading this is having major problems with Fido, has a City Fido plan and just wants to be rid of them… but would also like to make a bit of money on the side, please read on….

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Why Blog?

Posted in Blogging, Observations, Personal, Ramblings, Random Thoughts, Technology on November 7, 2006 by taraden

Lately I have been thinking to myself… Why do I blog?  What got me into blogging?

I know that I have found it to be a great tool to be creative, to vent, to get ideas out of my mind and (as the saying goes) down on paper… (even though this is clearly not on paper!!), to inform others on things happening in my part of the world, and to learn about situations that are happening in other parts of the world.  The list goes on and on.  When I think of what got me into the whole blogging scene…. I would have to say that Matthew Good played a big part, but also just wanting to have my own little place in the world, where I could say whatever I wanted…. and hopefully have a few readers along the way. 

Recently, I have been attempting to maintain 2 blogs, this one and another, on my pregnancy.  Sometimes it has not been easy to find the time to update both on a consistant basis.   This blog, by far, has priority over the other.   But I do sometimes find myself with a little case of writer’s block.  

I thought it would be interesting to find out what got others into blogging as well.  Feel free to share, if you wish  🙂

Rogers…. Fido…. It Doesn’t Seem To Matter Which Service I Use….

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I have got to have the worst luck in the world when dealing with cell phone companies.  I don’t know what it is, but if something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong with my account…. or if they decided they are going to be a complete a  dick to one of their customers, that customer {you guessed it} would be me.

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Was There Life Before The Web?

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Ever since we  moved into our new place we have been without cable or the internet.  We were supposed to have the “cable guy” hook it up on Tuesday….and according to Shaw Cable….he least that is what the “work order” says….but we still have no cable, no internet.  My bf called Shaw Tuesday evening to find out what was going on.  They said that the cable guy came by, and that two out of the four cable outlets are working.  Well after my bf lugged the TV up and down two seperate flights of stairs…hooking it up to all four of the outlets to see which two of the four were working…we found the answer to be none.  Shaw is now supposively coming by tonight…this time maybe the cable will actually get hooked up.

All of this leading me to think…what the hell did we do before we had the wonders of the internet?  I think of all the things that I use it for…it really makes life alot easier.  Paying bills, checking account balances, sending a “hello” to someone (wherever they may be in the world), finding out what is happening in the world, having search engines to find out information on whatever subject or thing that you would like to know about…it really is amazing, and missed when it is not available.  If it wasn’t for having access to the internet at work….I would not be writing this post right now.  Hopefully tonight…we will have our cable and internet hooked up!