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All Work and No pay…..

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I have, for the past 2 and 1/2 years ran a childcare out of my home.  My common law husband and I had our son in Feb of 2007 and as of Jan 2008 I have operated a childcare as my own business and as my primary source of income.

At first I ran a Registered License Not Required Childcare and everything worked out great. When my son was at the age of  3 months, he and I joined a “mommy and me” group and I quickly found clients to fill my future business venture.  These were not only clients but friends.  We came to know one another and see each other outside of the childcare setting.  I could trust them.

Then my husband and I decided to purchase a home together and everything changed.  I, having lived in Port Coquitlam for 5+ more consecutive years, moved to the city of Abbotsford, where I knew no one and away from all my childcare clients.  Starting my childcare business was a challenge but I went about it the right way, the legit way.  I became a fully licensed family child care with the Fraser Health Authority in the beginning of June 2009 and I can honestly say that things have gone downhill from there.

I have spent the time to jump though the ministry`s hoops, had the proper training, first aid, criminal record checks, home safety inspection and fire inspections.  I provide a safe, fun environment for children and feel like I deserve to get paid for the work that I do.  I have had nothing but problems with families paying their childcare bill.

I currently have 6 children enrolled in my childcare.  Not all children come every day.. I have a few that come on a part time basis, but those families are the ones that seem to have their shit together.  I have one mother, single mother, I might add, who brings her son 2 days per week.  She is a student at the local university and I receive childcare subsidy payments for her son to attend my childcare.   I must say that this single mother has her shit together more than any other family that I deal with on subsidy.  She does not receive full payment for her son`s childcare but every month she pays her portion, on time, every time.  Right now, as I speak I am owed over $1000.00 in childcare payments from other families that I deal with that can not seem to get their shit together.

To you, this may seem like a bunch of bitching and moaning but a month before Christmas and the fact that some days I am working 10 hour days, it is nothing more than serious.  I have been watching peoples children on a daily basis, changing their children`s diapers, wiping their noses, making sure that they are fed, dry, happy, safe and am owed money for doing so.  Parents need to realize that childcare providers are the ones that are there caring for their children when they are not and they need to be paying their childcare bills.  When you sign a contract…… read the terms of that contract… if you do not want to pay…..realize that in the future there could possibly be a consequence for your decision.  I will take you to court and fight for what is mine.  I do not watch peoples children for free while they go and line their bank accounts and how dare they think that I would.  PERIOD!


One More Day…

Posted in Observations, Ramblings, Random Thoughts, Technology, Work on January 9, 2007 by taraden

Tomorrow is my last day at work.  I will be going on a one year maternity leave… that is of course if we can afford for me to be off for a whole year.  I imagine the next few weeks will be a little strange… not having to get up and make my way to work in the morning will take some getting used to. 

On the subject of employment…. today while watching the morning news… there was a segment on the Fortune magazines top employer of the year… which turns out to be Google.  With some of the benefits offered to employee’s… it is not hard to figure out how they won the title.  Some of them include….

  • Free on site laundry services for employee’s
  • On site dentist and doctor
  • Child care provided to employee’s
  • Gourmet food provided at no cost to employee’s
  • a bring your dog to work policy
  • along with many others

Sounds like a wonderful place to work!! 

Must Be A Ring Thing…

Posted in Crime, Life, My Travels, Personal, Ramblings, Work on December 21, 2006 by taraden

Today a guy came into my work to place a classified ad in the paper.  When I first saw him, I knew that I had either gone to school with him, or hung out with him at some point… but I couldn’t remember his name.  So I put him in touch with someone who could help him place an ad.  I overheard him say his name to the classified rep… and finally realized where I knew him from. 

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Give Them A Break…..

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I am a receptionist for a newspaper.   I answer all calls that come into the building.  The majority of these calls are directed to our circulation department.  These calls are from people who are calling to complain that they did not receive a newspaper or if the carrier has delivered the paper in a sloppy manner or sometimes people call to say that they do not wish to receive the newspaper and would like delivery to be stopped.   Before I continue with the rest of this post…. I would like to remind everyone that this is how it looks outside….

So far this morning I have been bombarded with phone calls from people complaining that they did not receive their FREE community newspaper in the last few days.  Have they not looked out the window?

When the reason about the weather is explained for the reason why their newspaper did not magically appear at their doorstep… many have responded by saying “well the roads look clear.”  Yes, the roads do look clear, don’t they?  That might be due to the fact that there are vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds driving down them, clearing them of snow.   This does not mean however that the sidewalks and driveways are free of ice and snow.  Some of the carriers who deliver these community newspapers are little kids.  They certainly do not get paid very much and certainly should not have to risk their safety to make sure that the local paper gets delivered on time.  People should be a little more understanding.


The Company Christmas Dinner Incident….

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You know…. I have seen many things in my 32 years on this planet… but this takes the cake. This is completely disgusting…

Last night my bf and I went to his company’s “Appreciation Dinner”…. otherwise known as the “Company Christmas Dinner”. The dinner was held at The Coast Hotel & Convention Centre in Langley. They also had last years dinner there, which I thought was pretty good…. it is a nice place, and the food was good. This year we showed up at 7:00, just before dinner was to be served. We found ourselves an empty table, and had a seat. One of my bf’s friends, Kevin, that also works with him showed up and he took a seat at our table as well. After a short speech by the General Manager… it started to look as though they were going to start calling tables numbers to go up and start at the buffet.

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2 Day Work Week…

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Due to Remembrance Day, November 13, yesterday, was a statutory holiday.  And seeing as how I am taking this Thursday and Friday off…. that makes this week a 2 day work week.  If only every work week could be this short.

I recently found out that I am owed 10 days of holiday time.  I had thought that I had used up all my holiday time for the year, as I have already taken 3 weeks off…. but apparently not!!!  The only problem… I am most likely not going to be able to use it during the remainder of this year.  You see… I am a part of a certain department, and within that department there are a very few number of employee’s. And due to the fact that when someone goes on holidays, someone needs to be able to cover that position, making it possible for only one person to take holidays at at time.   For the remainder of this calendar year… the majority of the weeks have already been alloted to other employee’s for holiday time.  Leaving me with the odd day here or there… but nothing available for a full week.  So seeing as how this “holiday time” is pretty much useless to me other than the odd day, I am going to take the time when I go on maternity leave at the end of January.  That way I can get paid for the time that I was planning on taking off anyway.

Suck It Up…..

Posted in Life, Ramblings, Rants, Work on August 15, 2006 by taraden

Have you ever felt completely and totally unappreciated?  Well that is how I am feeling right this very second.  After busting my ass all last week and the first part of this week…..working on this “project” for work….after completing it on time….and without any major upsets I must add, do I even get a “thank you for all your help” or a “good work…well done”…….no.  Nothing.  And while this may seem like a petty little post…I am really pissed off.  You see..I am covering for someone for this week.  It is their project, but I have done all the work.  They get the recognition…..and the commision, which amounts to well over $1000 on top of their normal pay and what do I get?  Nothing.  It just does not seem fair.