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Already Fallen…

Posted in 2007 Resolutions, Funny Stuff, Home, Me, Observations, Personal, Ramblings, Random Thoughts on January 2, 2007 by taraden

Okay it is officially the 2nd day of the new year and I have already fallen off the wagon numerous times when it comes to my New Year’s resolutions. My #1 resolution to stop swearing, cussing or using vulgar language of any kind has deemed itself to be much harder than it really should be. Let me ask one thing though? If alone, say driving in my car, and a curse word happens to slip out of my mouth…. without anyone else actually hearing it… does it count?

So far in the whole whopping 2 days that have existed in this new year I have managed to let out three swear words (that have been heard by others), all on the 1st of January. Horrible! As for my little question earlier… about if no one hears it, it shouldn’t count…. I, personally don’t think they should count. My bf has come up with a nifty little idea for himself… everytime I break my resloution I have to perform sexual favours and backrubs on him!! Ha Ha Ha. Now how will performing sexual favours on him ever stop me from swearing? 🙂


2006 ~ My Year In Review…

Posted in 2007 Resolutions, Blogroll, Life, Me, Personal, Ramblings, Random Thoughts on December 31, 2006 by taraden

Wow, it has certainly been a very quiet blogging week here at Chillaxin. I guess it being the time of year, there are so many things going on and not enough time spent at a computer.

2006 has not been all that horrible for me (although I know of others who would certainly not say the same of their 2006). I have been in a happy relationship for the whole year, I have been employed, and I also found out that I was going to be expecting a baby…. all of which I consider to be good things. There have been a few downsides but really nothing too bad to complain about. Definately not as bad… compaired to years in the recent past.

2007 is going to bring alot of change to my life. With a new baby on the way, things will be much different for me. I have decided to compile a short list of resolutions for the upcoming new year.

1) I definately have to start watching my language. There will be no more swearing or any other vulgar language.

2)I am going to vow to slow down a little on the road. I have a bit of a lead foot!!

3) And last, after the baby is born I want to get back into going to the gym atleast 3 days a week. I am sure that I will be able to manage this one… as I am quite motivated to get back into it, and I really enjoy seeing the results that it brings.

I wish everyone out there (those who come here on a regular basis and those who might have just stumbled upon me) a very Happy New Year. All the best to you and yours!