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Viretta Park Repair ~ Come As You Are, Nirvana fans

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February 20th marks the birth date of former Nirvana singer/songwriter Kurt Cobain. He would be turning 44 if he were still alive.

I recently was made aware of an event that is happening at Viretta Park, a small park that is located beside the former home of Kurt Cobain and the location of where his death took place.  Many fans travel to Viretta Park to pay their respects to Kurt, leaving messages on the park benches, along with flowers, candles and other mementos.  I have visited the park many times and have always wondered why there is not something more. Something to honor a man who is still to this day loved greatly, all around the world.

Well, now there is……

Daniel Johnson, has been organizing a “Viretta Park Repair” which aims to ecologically restore and repair the park for residents living in the surrounding area and to create a memorial for fans to visit, remember and celebrate the life of Kurt Cobain and the music of Nirvana.

The very first “Viretta Park Repair” work party will be held February 20th, 2011 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Daniel is looking for people to come volunteer and assist in the removal of invasive plant species that have taken over many areas of the park and to collaborate  ideas on what types of plants people would like to see as well as come up with ideas for a memorial for Kurt.

PLEASE, if you are in the Seattle or surrounding area, come out and show your support and help make Kurt’s Park a special place.

You can RSVP to this event by contacting Daniel Johnson at 206.369.2661 or by email at


I can’t wait to meet you there!



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Matthew Good is currently on tour to promote his new album “Vancouver”.

Dale Mugford has posted some exciting news over at regarding a little contest for some free concert tickets to one of the shows in the tour.

Here is my banner artwork and I would like to officially be entered into the contest!!!

The Route of All Evil ~ Part Deux….

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Just a quick review of the concert last night…


As you can see, our seats were worse than I first anticipated… which wasn’t too good. This was the best picture that I took of Motley Crue the whole show and I took 100 pics! They were definately the worst seats I have ever had for a concert in my life! Oh well. Motley Crue was good. Vince Neil.. the singer, seemed a little intoxicated… sometimes missing entire lines of songs {which I wasn’t too impressed about.} I had gone to their concert last summer and he performed much better at that show then he did last night. But even so, I am still glad that I went.


Aerosmith was really good. I must say, Steven Tyler definately still has “it”, even after all these years. The man just seems to have an abundance of energy, and his voice still sounds great. However they did not play alot of the songs that I was hoping that they would have played. Other than the people sitting in front of us, who managed to smoke about 5 joints throughout the concert, and at one point passing a joint to me and asking if I wanted some (not too good for a pregnant woman to be breathing in!!!) I would say it was a pretty good show.

The Route of All Evil…

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Well, tonight is the Motley Crue and Aerosmith show here in Vancouver.  Might I remind everyone of the chaos that envoked me on the day the “pre-sale” tickets went on sale… but I did manage to get my hands on a pair.  My wonderful father went to Ticketmaster on the day that the tickets went on sale to the general public, and purchased two tickets for me… all this I might add, while I was on vacation in Las Vegas.  Mind you, the tickets are not the greatest in the arena… but hey… I am not going to complain! 

So anyhow, the show is tonight.  I am not as excited as I thought I would be… (hmm.. could be that fact that I am 7 months pregnant, and going to a rock concert.  And that my average bedtime nowadays is slightly after 9 pm… somedays even earlier!!)   But as long as Motley Crue is playing in town… I will be at their show.  I have been to four of the Crue’s concerts in the past… Aerosmith, on the other hand, I have never seen live.  I did try to obtain tickets to the “Permanent Vacation” tour years ago… but it sold out in a matter of minutes.  I have had the opportunity and the pleasure of meeting Stephen Tyler of Aerosmith three times (which, I have to say… he is a total sweetheart) and have also met the members of the Crue as well.  I grew up listening to their music… hell I am amazed that a few of them are even still alive.  (Have you read The Dirt?  If not may I suggest reading it?  You will be amazed they are still kicking too)   Anyway, I am sure it will be a fantastic show and I will have a complete review for you tomorrow.  I am going to smuggle my camera into the show, but we do have seats pretty high up in the stands… but hopefully I will be able to get a decent picture, or two!

Intimate and Interactive With Matthew Good? Shut Up!

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Update #2:  The invites have been sent.  No email for me  😦  but best wishes to Matt.  He leaves Vancouver for good….Aug 26th. 

Updated:  There is still no word on Matt Good’s site regarding if he has chosen the fans that will attend tonight’s performance.  I have not received any emails regarding this event…making me think that I have not been selected.  😦  Congrats to whomever was…and hopefully there will be some pics, some video or at best a podcast that can be viewed at some point.  What a truly memorable experience this would have been. 

Matthew Good has announced today on his blog that he will be performing an intimate show for Vancouver based fans….tomorrow night…at a downtown apartment.  Holy freakin crap!  He has asked fans to send an email, with a little blurb about themselves, why they are wanting to attend and a link to their blog, flickr page and email addy.  Mine has now officially been sent…and I am hoping there may be a possibility of a reply.


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ARG! There are 3 Matthew Good shows happening over the next 4 days here in British Columbia….and how many am I attending? Unfortunately the answer would be none.  And that makes me very sad!! First, he is playing at the Prince George Folk Festival on July 29….then he is making a stop in Calgary Alberta before heading back into BC for 2 dates on Vancouver Island…July 31 in Nanaimo, and August 1 in Victoria. For months I have been wanting to go to the island shows….but finally realized that they are on a Monday and a Tuesday. Making it completely impossible for me to attend, as I have to be at work at 8:30 A.M on both Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  How utterly disappointing!

And to even make things even more unbearable…I can’t seem to eject the Cd with “Rooms” from “In A Coma”  out of my car stereo.  No…there is nothing wrong with my deck….it will eject it if I push the button…I just can’t seem to bring myself to push that button.  Such an amazing collection of music.

Matthew Good

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MG @ VECC Apr 06 _7.jpg

What a pleasure it was to have attended the Matthew Good show last night at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. The VECC is such a wonderful litttle theatre, such a great venue for an intimate performance. Matthew put on such an amazing show. He was witty, funny and interacted with the audience, along with sounding absolutly fantastic. For not feeling the greatest in the last little while… certainly couldn't tell he was getting over the flu……as he put on one hell of a great show. I am so glad that I went, even though I went alone. It really didn't matter that I was there alone, with the way the venue was set up it was like being in a theatre, with aisle seating, so I really didn't feel left out or "alone". That was definatley one of the best live shows I have seen.

It was a little difficult to get really good pics of the performance, as I did not want to make a spectacle of myself….at one point during the show a girl got up to go to the bathroom, and Matthew actually asked her, through the mic….."going to the washroom?" Ha Ha! So yeah didn't want to be all up in his face taking photos, but I did manage to get a few 😉