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Crackdown on Crime?

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Today I received a ‘leaflet’ in the mail from my local MP, James Moore regarding which political party is on the right track when it comes to crime in this country. The main point of the leaflet is “Age Is No Excuse.” That just because an offender of a crime is a youth, they should be treated no less than an adult (depending on the severity of the crime… of course.) The point of this leaflet was to choose a political party member who you thought was “on the right track” at combating crime. I was seriously baffled at the notion of having to decide which political party leader was ‘on the right track’….. but here were the options…..

  • Stephane Dion
  • Stephen Harper
  • Jack Layton
  • Elizabeth May

I personally wondered where the “NONE OF THE ABOVE” check box was and quickly realized that there was not one and decided to write Mr. James Moore a letter, letting him in on my view of the Criminal Justice System in this country. The following was sent to his office….

July 25, 2008

Re: “Above the Law” leaflet

To James Moore, MP

Your office recently mailed out a leaflet entitled “Above the Law” asking the citizens of Port Moody, Westwood and Port Coquitlam a question regarding the Criminal Justice System in this country. Your leaflet asked “Who do you think is on the right track on crime?” Well, Mr. Moore, my answer would have to be none of the above. The criminal Justice System in this country is a complete joke. Not only for the light sentences of youth AND adult offenders but for failing the victims of crime as well.

First of all we have our Attorney General, Wally Oppal who seems to come up with excuse after excuse regarding the way that criminals in this country are sentenced. I have contacted him on several occasions regarding the dragging death of Grant De Patie and the reduced sentence of youth offender Darnel Pratt. Now we find out that Mr. Pratt seems to be in some more trouble after assaulting another inmate while incarcerated. The reduction of his sentence now in hind sight seems rather wrong, don’t you think?

I also contacted Mr. Oppal in regards to the Oak Bay murder / suicide involving Mr. Peter Lee. Mr. Lee had assaulted his wife prior to the murders and was arrested for causing bodily harm and aggravated assault. Police made recommendations to the court that he remain in custody. Instead Mr. Lee was released on bail with numerous court orders not to contact his wife, enter the home, or posses any weapons. But did that protect Ms. Park and her family? No. Now every politician, judge and police officer in this country should carry that family’s blood on their hands for not ensuring their safety and for not making the laws around sentencing these offenders more strict.

And lastly ( I could go on, but I will not take up any more of your time) I would like to mention Mayor Scott Young. I am a resident of Port Coquitlam. I grew up in this town and have lived here for the majority of my life. I am also a victim of domestic violence and assault. I do not appreciate the fact that the Mayor of my hometown has been charged and convicted of assault and continues to remain Mayor of this city. I do not appreciate his pompous attitude regarding the matter either. That right there shows you just how screwed up this system is.

I was beaten by my now ex-boyfriend. He gave me two black eyes, choked me, held me against my will for over an hour while confining me and threatening to kill me. After fleeing the scene he was found by police, appeared before a judge and was released on bail with numerous court orders not to contact myself or my family. While awaiting trial he breached those conditions on numerous occasions to the point where I had to have my phone number changed. Each time he breached those conditions I called the RCMP officer in charge of my file to inform him of what was going on and every time I would have to leave a voicemail because he was never available to speak to me in person. By the time the date of the trial came my ex decided to play it safe and accept a plea bargain. He pled guilty and in return the crown sentenced him to a few days in jail. At that time my ex had an extremely lengthy criminal record. He is a career criminal. His mother has informed me that to this day he is still in and out of jail on a regular basis. And you want to know why this is? Because every single time he commits a crime in this country all he gets is a slap on the wrist, released on bail, court conditions that he can breach because he knows he can get away with it, and a minor sentence EVERY SINGLE TIME. And now I have a Mayor that is convicted of assault and I am expected to take him seriously? Please!

There is a lot that needs to be done about the Criminal Justice System in this country Mr. Moore regardless of the offenders age and I believe those changes can not come soon enough. All the offenders mentioned above, regardless if they are a youth offender or an adult seem to think that they are “Above the Law.” As for if any of the candidates mentioned on your leaflet are on the right track against crime in this country? I guess only time will tell.

I thank you for your time.

Thats my take on the system…….


A Dumpsterless Vancouver?

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There has been talk in Vancouver lately about removing the dumpsters that line the city’s alleyway’s in an attempt to beautify and clean up the city. Local businesses are on board with the idea claiming it would create a crime free environment. The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association found that the majority of dumpsters in Vancouver were vandalized, filthy and filled with needles.

Hmmm… lets think about that for a moment. Don’t you think the City of Vancouver has far more pressing issues to be dealing with right now than the removal of dumpsters from the alleyway’s? How about the situation of the Downtown Eastside and the people who inhabit that area on a daily basis? What will happen to them? Where does the DVBIA think all these needles will end up? Will they just disappear? I think not. Take a browse at Matthew Good’s view of the area… a area in which he lives. People suffering from mental illnesses, unable to “legally” treat their illness and forced out on the street to fend for themselves. What will happen to the people who rely on these dumpsters to earn a living and find a meal. As “gross” as that may sound to some… that is reality. I am sure that Mr Sam Sullivan has more important things to be thinking about… and if you ask him…. he would probably end up saying…. ummm “The Olympics”?

Only Human?

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Or barbaric?

The past few days in Vancouver have been a little different than normal. This past Wednesday the Lower Mainland was hit with an intense storm, that provided the local watersheds with an abundance of water. The problem? All this rainwater left sediments in the drinking water, making it necessary for a “boil water advisory” to be issued.

As of yesterday, the “boil advisory” was still in effect for West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby. Stores in the area started running out of bottled water. The demand was so great that they would sell out their stock in a matter of minutes. People interviewed on the news reported that “it was pure chaos”, when describing their experiences trying to obtain a precious bottle of water. This just goes to show you that a situation like this, (even though not truly an EMERGENCY situation) will automatically bring out the absolute worst in people. The lact of respect for others, people pushing and shoving and being completely rude to others…. just to get their own hands on the prize. I found it to be completely despicable.

While watching the news the other night, they had a camera in one of the stores, in the “water aisle”. There was a man there with a hand held grocery basket, filled with bottles of water. On the shelf sat two last bottles of water. The man, whom already had (I would say) more than ten bottles in his little basket, started to grab the remaining two bottles on the shelf… when another man, clearly empty handed came up to the water shelf, to try to acquire a bottle of the precious commodity. The “water man” just simply continued to grab at the water. Finally the less fortunate man asked “Well can I atleast have one?” The water man managed to dig deep down inside of himself (yeah right, probably due to the fact that there was a camera pointed at his face) and muster up enough HUMAN COMPASSION to allow the water free man to claim one precious little bottle. How nice!!!

I found this whole incident to be a huge wake up call for myself. Clearly people in this city are not prepared for an emergency situation…. and I, myself am no exception. As reported by emergency personel…. you must be able to provide yourself and your family with enough food and drinking water for atleast three days. Time to wake up!!

I Will Return…

Posted in Health, Life, Me, Personal on September 28, 2006 by taraden

Monday night I awoke to excruciating pain in the right side of my back and right hand side of my abdomen.  My  bf took me to the emergency department at 1:00 in the morning and I found out that I have a kidney infection.  So I am now on IV therapy….meaning I have a IV sticking out of my right hand (very uncomfortable) and I have to go to the hospital everyday to get antibotics pumped into it.  Today, I am hoping will be the last day that I have to get this done…and I can finally get this thing out of my hand.  I am scheduled to be re-assessed by the emergency doctor sometime today…so hopefully everthing will be looking better than it did on Monday.  Anyway, I will be back at some point!!!

Something Negative to Something Positive….

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Yesterday was the five year anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Centre.  And on the day that so many lost their lives due to sheer terrorism….I myself got to view life.  Yesterday I went for my ultrasound…and it really was quite amazing.  I was glad to be able to spend a positive moment on a day filled with so much negativity.

One More Thing To Add To The List Of Reasons Why….

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On the weekend we discovered yet another leak in the apartment that we are renting.  This bringing the number of leaks that we have had to deal with over the course of a year to 4.  I called the landlord on Saturday….at first to see if they had recieved our notice that we are leaving as of August 31….and then to mention that there is yet another leak.  And the response that I got???  He told me…”the apartment below yours also complained of a leak in the same location.” 

Doesn’t he think to come knock on our door to find out where the water is coming from?  Isn’t he at all concerned about mould?

I am so glad that we are leaving that building.  Things just keep getting worse.  The other day my bf and I were walking through the parking area…where there were some new tenants moving in to one of the other apartments.  My bf simply said….”FOOLS!!” and he could not have been more right.  I am seriously considering reporting them to the health department after we leave.

Right Now I Am In Need Of A Good Nights Sleep…..

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My attempt at having a decent nights sleep last night did not seem to go as planned.  I tried my hardest….but even though my body and mind were tired, other forces were at work.  You see, we have recently noticed that our neighbour has a strange late night habit….this may not be a “new thing”, as lately we have been sleeping with the window open…due to the warmer weather, thus making us aware of this problem.  The older lady who lives in the apartment above and to the right of us has a tendancy to scream out of her bedroom window in the middle of the night.  This takes place between the early evening hours and into the wee hours of the morning (and by the wee hours of the morning I mean 3:00-4:00 AM.)  She screams something to effect of….. “Steve (sometimes sounds like Shane, or Shawn) come here, come on over!!”   This she repeats every 15-30 minutes, over and over again….yelling at the top of her lungs.  I have even poked my head out the window to see who she is yelling at….and there she is…with her head poking out her window, staring off into space, with no one around to whom she could be speaking to.  We have come to the conclusion that she must be senile, making it very hard to have to make a complaint to our landlord…but our sleep is being affected by this!!  I really do not want to have to complain about a poor little senile old lady.  Then there is the question of if this lady should even be living in an apartment all by herself….is that safe?  Doesn’t she have any family members that care about her?  Shouldn’t she be living in a home, where she can be properly taken care of?  I really don’t know what to do.  😕